Master May I

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“Tonight will be a night to remember.” Speaking out loud to myself I quickly grab my purse and head out the door. You promised me a night unlike any I have ever had; my imagination has been playing tricks with me all day in an attempt to guess what you have in store for me. Reaching for my cell phone I give you a quick call.

“Hey Chad, it’s me.”

“Hi Jen, are you on your way?”

“Be there in 10 minutes.” I reply “Do I get any hints as to what you have planned?”

“I will tell you this much, this will be a night to remember.” You hang up before I can reply. You are so secretive sometimes. Nervous and anxious I arrive at your apartment; using my key I let myself in. I find you sitting on the couch in a muscle shirt and boxer shorts, not what I expected at all. My eyes meet yours and you smile quickly, but you never move.

“Close the door.” You command. “Tonight you are mine. You will do exactly what I say, when I say it.” My jaw drops in shock.

“What exactly do you have in mind, Chad?”

“We are going to play some games.” You state, “For tonight I am no longer Chad, you will refer to me as Master.” All I can do is stare at you. “Don’t worry Jen, it will be fun.” You wink. “Put your coat and purse where they belong, then come here and stand before me.”

Not sure what to think I do as you instruct. Hanging my coat and purse on the hook I see I am shaking, partly from nerves and disbelief, but also from an intense arousal at the thought of “games”. Returning to the living room I stand before you waiting instruction.

“We are going to start with a game I am sure you know well. ‘Master says’. What I tell you to you do without complaint or hesitation. IF you do not do as I instruct, there will be consequences, do you understand me?”

“Yes Chad.” I stutter apprehensively. “I mean, Master” The look of delight in your eyes is ever so adorable.

“Master says, unbutton your blouse.” Nervously canlı bahis my fingers go to work, exposing my chest with each button. “Master says remove your blouse and throw it on the floor.” Quickly I do as you command. “Remove your bra” My hands reach to unsnap it as you say “Tisk, Tisk, I never said Master says.” I drop my hands quickly as you rise from the couch, grab what looks like a rider’s whip and stand before me. “Hold out your hands, palms down.” Playfully you swat my knuckles once, then twice. “Consider this your warning.” You reach around me, breathing gently on my neck, and unfasten my bra yourself. Pulling it off and discarding it on the floor next to my blouse. Playfully you kiss my neck, and tease each nipple before pulling away and returning to the couch, your erection becoming obvious to my wandering eyes.

“Master says remove your skirt.” Smiling I slowly unzip my skirt and pull it down, kicking it out of the way as it reaches the floor. “Master says remove your nylons.” I do so without hesitation. “Now, the panties; remove them.” I stand there not moving. You chuckle. “You catch on quick…Master says, remove your panties.” After so doing I stand there completely exposed to your hungry gaze. Your eyes rake over me possessively. You stand up and approach me again. This time you take me in your arms and kiss me deeply. I can feel your mounting excitement rubbing against me. Instinctively I reach around and start tugging at your top. You let me remove your shirt, but when I go for your pants you stop me. “Wait, time for a new game, let us add a new dimension. ‘Master may I’. Do you know how to play?” You ask. I nod quickly and eagerly await your instructions.

“Go sit on the edge of the couch, lean back, and spread your legs.” A twinkle in my eyes I quietly whisper “Master may I?” “Yes you may”

Doing as you say I sit there provocatively waiting your next instruction. Instead of instructing you kneel before me and bahis siteleri tease me with your rock hard shaft. Rubbing and teasing me while your hands caress my breasts. I can feel the tension building and building. You always know exactly what to do to make me feel good. “Cum for me, slave”. Before I can say a word your mouth drops and you taste of me. Greedily your mouth leaves me panting. Within seconds I explode in delight. The world spins around me at the sensations you bring out in me.

“Tisk tisk.” You proclaim, my heart sinks and my eyes pop open. “You never said ‘Master may I’.” helping me stand up you instruct me to bend over the back of the couch. I hear you shuffling around before I feel a resounding smack on my bottom. Not just a faint little tap, but a full-fledged hit. “What the hell?” I scream as you do it again. Tears well us in my eyes as you turn me to face you. “Kneel before me slave!” You command. Not sure how to react anymore I mumble “Master may I?” “Yes you may.”

I drop to my knees as you remove your boxers. “Please, suck me” You direct. “Master may I?” “Yes you may”. Slowly I pull you into my mouth. The sting of the spanking still fresh, yet mildly arousing, I contemplate leaving but decide to see what you have planned. I hear you moaning with each suck I take. Deeper and deeper I take you in. You grab my hair and work me up and down your shaft, slowing me if I move to fast. I reach around you, grabbing your butt pulling you closer. Ignoring the pain in my head from you pulling my hair, I start sucking harder and faster. Your breathing has become labored and short, your penis hardening and expanding from the assault of my mouth. “STOP” You pant. Unyielding I suck harder till you cum in my mouth. Squirt after squirt, spasm after spasm I take you in. Pulling away from me you drop to your knees.

“WOW” you gasp before taking me in your arms and kissing me. Looking at you I exclaim “Games are over, you’ve had bahis şirketleri your fun. Take me to bed.” You stand up, giving me your hand to help me up. As you turn to lead me to your room, I grab the whip you used on me and smack your bottom with it. I instantly see a welt starting. You stop, startled. I do it again, harder this time. Feeling pleased with myself I give you one last resounding smack. I can see the twinkle in your eyes. I drop the whip and take your hand.

You lead me to your room and take me in your arms. Kissing we fall on to your bed. I lay next to you, feeling your erection returning as we kiss and fondle. Your right hand works my hair as your left caresses my chest, squeezing my nipples, pinching my navel…painful yet arousing. I reach around and touch your butt; I can feel the warmth of the welts on my finger tips. You wince slightly. Pushing me away you roll me on to my stomach. Kissing up and down my back as you push my legs apart with your knees, you slowly enter me with your fingers.

“Hips up. I want you…NOW” you exclaim. I raise my hips, bringing my knees closer to me. I feel you bring your penis to my pussy lips and slowly rub up and down. Without warning you bury yourself in me, grabbing at my hips and holding me close. The sensation is almost unbearable. I moan and yelp in delight. Holding my hips you start moving in and out, slowly at first, but picking up speed and intensity with each thrust. With my head buried in the pillow, my hips in the air, you plunging into me; I take my left hand and reach underneath me, my fingers reaching my clit. Feverishly I rub. The combination of my fingers and your cock send me reeling. Moan after moan, thrust after thrust, I match your rhythm. “Faster Chad…Faster” I pant. “Cum, please, now”….With one last moan I climax hard, pulsing around your invading cock, tightening and in spasms. Your moans quickly join mine as you fill me with your warm seed. Collapsing together, you lay on top of me, kissing at my neck. Rolling off of me; you look over at me, face-to-face I see the contentment in your eyes…

“Oh Chad dear,” I whisper provocatively “You never said Master may I…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32