My Nurses, My Lovers, My Daughters

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This story contains topics that some of you may not find appealing, such as anal play, Incest, BDSM, non-consent, and maybe a couple of other things. hope you enjoy the read, this is my first attempt at a story. Please be kind but honest about where to improve, Thank you!

All characters in this work are 18 or older when they have sex. ENJOY!


Everything was going great. My tour was going to be over in a couple of months but today is both me and my daughters birthdays. The Sarge just rousted me out of bed for a routine patrol. He was down five more people with that damn coronavirus. But after the patrol I could have the rest of the day to myself.

“Hey Griff!”

“Yeah Sarge!”

“We’re moving out.”

We left the safety of our compound. I hate Afghanistan. I was manning the Ma Deuce in the turret of the Hummer I was on. Last thing I remember seeing and hearing was an RPG just before it hit our Hummer.

I woke up to a very pleasurable feeling. I kept my eyes closed and tried not to move. It wasn’t long before I moaned my wife’s name. Her hand continued to wash my penis off that’s when I heard the beeping of machines. And the pain kicked in. I opened my eyes it took awhile for my eyes to adjust. But when they did I saw a woman who was not my wife in a nurses uniform giving me a sponge bath.

“Who are you? Why am I here?”

I uncovered myself to stand up and that’s when I saw it. My right leg below the knee was gone. I started asking and screaming for my wife. They tried calming me down but couldn’t except by way of some kind of med. When I woke several hours later in a calmer state. A Chaplin was there he told me that my wife died in an auto accident the same day I was injured in an ambush.

I couldn’t help to think about how my daughters were doing. Our birthdays falling on the same day. April twentieth. For me to almost die and for their mom to die on their birthday too. This last birthday being their eighteenth.

“Happy fucking birthday to you girls. For your present this year you get a gimp for a dad!” I thought to myself.

I got calls from them but couldn’t really hear them because of the meds I was on. The RPG that hit my vehicle. Didn’t explode when it hit. It penetrated the Hummer broke up and sent shrapnel into my right lower leg. Causing a traumatic amputation. I spent a couple weeks being stabilized at a hospital in country, Once stabilized medevac’d to Germany. Eventually arriving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be fitted for a prosthetic leg and to learn how to use it.

Spiraling further into depression. I pretty much just wanted to die. After several months turning visitors away. My daughters specifically. I didn’t want them to see me this way. I was missing my wife and didn’t want to go on. One night I decided I was done and tried it. I failed.

Not too long after I had been released from the psych ward my daughters were waiting for me when I got back to my room from P.T ……….. As soon as I saw them. I flew into a rage they just sat there waiting for me to finish. That’s when Nova spoke up.

“Dad you need to know how Mom died.”

“But I…”


“NO! You don’t. She died in a car accident. That much is true. Both her and Steven died in that accident. When they found them her head was in his lap. Mom was cheating on you with your best friend. She wasn’t even discrete about it. Half the town knew it. We were going to let you know what was going on when you got home. We love you dad we are not going to let you whither away. Or allow you to end your life because you feel what? Like dying because of the actions of someone who wasn’t worthy of you or this family? Or is it that you feel worthless because you lost your leg and no longer feel like a complete man? Either way you look at it, That’s pretty damn shitty of you dad!”

“Through an attorney we have arranged your discharge into our care. As you have recently shown that you are a danger to yourself. We have been granted power of attorney. You’re coming home with us today!”


“The hell I am!”


“You can keep pining away for your lost love or you can see what’s right here in front of you, we’re still here. We talked with the doctors and they have assured us that you are as healed from your injuries as you will get here. It’s the mental healing that is going to take time.”


“You don’t want an invalid around the house, just let me go, leave me the fuck alone!”


“Like it or not your coming home with us TODAY!”

The nurse came in about that time with my discharge paperwork, “Here you go.”


“You are our responsibility and WE are going to take care of you!”

Once back at home I sank further into depression. When they came into the room I would yell and throw items at them to keep them away from me. I would throw the food across the room they brought to me. Just pissed off at the whole damn world!

This went on for about three days. One night after waking up I found my self güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tied to the bed in five point restraints. My wrists fastened by the strap restraining my midsection. left ankle. Mid thigh on my right leg. The restraints themselves were leather. The wrist cuffs were thick. About three and a half inches in length. Had three infinity snake buckles closing them snugly around my wrists.


“You may want to live daddy.

Because life Isn’t fair, I’m broken. Whatever?”


“So we are going to give you a reason to live life. We talked about it developed a plan to make you want to live again.”


“Ready or not, here we come daddy.”

They walked into the room wearing French maid outfits the same color as their hair. Needless to say I was in a state of stunned silence.

Let me describe my daughters. They were born fraternal triplets but other than their hair color they looked identical give or take an inch in height. They were roughly four foot six inches tall. Their breast sizes well I’ve never been good at guessing cup sizes. Needless to say they looked HUGE is an understatement. Their narrow waists and wide hips giving them that classic female form. Their weight was approximately eighty five to ninety pounds. I saw them and a tingle started in my groin.

Nova was as red headed as she could be almost like a bright deep auburn. Nona’s hair was almost white it was so blonde. Nora’s hair was as black as midnight with purple looking hues and they looked sexy as hell! Now I’m really turning into a sick son of a bitch. These were my daughters a dad can’t be thinking this way about his daughters. That’s just not right!


“Untie me and get the Fuck out, I demanded.”


“No Sir! We are tired of you being an ass to us, Now whether you like it or not you will remain restrained for your safety. Even though it’s technically breaking the law to restrain you. You aren’t going to attempt suicide like you did at the hospital.”

My eyes looking at their bodies repulsed by the fact that I was drinking in the visage of my daughters dressed as they were. Wanting to look away but can’t.

“Goodnight daddy, you will be seeing one of us very soon.”

They all said in unison.

All three winked at me and started giggling like little girls as they left. I shouted for them to “let me the fuck up,” till I passed out.


“Good morning daddy lets get you cleaned up.”

It was Nona, and she was naked from the waist up. Her huge breasts jutting out from her chest almost seeming to defy gravity. Her skin was an alabaster shade of white. She started walking towards me reminding me of a lioness on the hunt. Each step exuding nothing but blatant sensuality. Her white G-string panties clinging tightly to her hips. Pointing like an arrow emphasizing where her womanly treasure was. I could barely make it out but it was almost as if she was growling a deep tiger like growl just before pouncing while approaching me. I closed my eyes to try not to look. I soon felt her hot breath on my right ear as she whispered in a husky erotic sound. Sending erotic chills from my ears to my cock. The blood surging into my cock! Seeming to become harder than I have been in such a long time. If ever.


“That wont help. My image has been seared into your retina’s. You see my tits swaying with each step, don’t you?”

She got me cleaned up, Assisting me with my toiletries. They were sure they couldn’t trust me yet to untie me to go to the bathroom. They were right!

Needless to say I had an erection just about the whole time she was with me. didn’t help that she “Accidentally on purpose” kept bumping it. With the occasional grab and stroke. Me trying the whole time to get her to stop.


“This wasn’t right it was incest.”


“No it isn’t. Only if we’re fucking is it considered incest.”

With that she leaned forward and took my hard-on in her mouth and started sucking. Oh it felt so good I couldn’t help but to start thrusting what little I could being restrained as I was. Fondling and rolling my nuts in her hands. Her mouth wrapped around the head of my cock in a velvety soft and warm cocoon. Sending more blood rushing into my cock. Causing me to moan uncontrollably trying to push more of my self into her mouth. She pulled away wiping her mouth.


“If you are so against it. Why did you start pumping your cock into my mouth? Later dad.”

Giving me a wink, as she sort of bounced away from me like the little girl I knew as she was growing up. To the eighteen almost nineteen year old young woman that she had become. I couldn’t believe what Nona just did. I laid their suffering with an erection that just wouldn’t go away. The remaining saliva left on cock cooling my cock writhing under the spell my daughter just cast on my cock, No sooner was I able to get it to subside than the image of Nona’s mouth wrapped around my cock would get me erect again.

Nora güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri came in around eleven to bring me lunch. Her long black hair tied so that it hung down over both her tits, tied together about midway down her stomach covering her pubic area while she was wearing a pair of Black lace bikini panties that contrasted her pale skin nicely.



She just stood there waiting for me to calm down. She brought me lunch and fed me. The swaying movements her tits made under her hair would reveal her nipples from time to time. Her areola’s were just a shade darker than her skin and her nipples were longer than any I had ever seen before But practically identical to Nona’s tits. My cock started to started rising at the sight of her.


“And good afternoon to you too daddy,” with a wink.


“You girls have to let me go, please?”

“Hmmm”. As she started looking like she was going to think about it and said.


“NO. But I will feed you time to eat. Then your therapy,”


“What therapy?”


“You’ll see.”

She fed me playing with my cock from time to time giving me an erection. When she finished feeding me. She turned her attentions to my rock hard dick.


“Now for your therapy,”


“What therapy?”

“This,” before I could object she had leaned forward swallowing my cock. It was so unexpected and felt so good. That I let out a long moan that ended in me hearing a “yes” come out of my mouth. I immediately felt guilt. That lasted about as long as a passing thought. I have had blowjobs before that were amazing, But this one DAMN! Maybe it was her talent maybe its because its been over two years with no sex. I was losing my will to resist. Telling her to stop. But hoping she wouldn’t feeling guilt for the desire to cum in her mouth. At the same time wanting to shoot my load down her throat.

Her mouth felt like warm silk wrapped around my cock. Now I don’t have a huge dick like some people claim to have. But most girls choke on it when they try to deep throat me. Not Nora its like my cock slipped into some kind of souped up stroker. I was begging for her to stop my body was betraying me trying to push more of my cock into her mouth. Her throat seemed to be literally be going two different directions at the same time. I was begging for her to stop just before I came she said “okay.”

Picked up the tray and sashayed out the door. her hips hypnotizing me with each erotically charged step. She stopped at the door, glanced over her right shoulder. almost in a cooing voice “Easy dad, don’t get yourself too excited” as I lay there writhing as best I could in the restraints. Still so close to orgasm that I felt I was going to shoot rope after rope of cum in the air’ I was still thrusting into the air hoping it would set me off but to no avail. My erection staying long after the stimulation ended. I didn’t know how much longer I could resist these temptresses that are my daughters. Not that I could being restrained as I was.

When Nova came in with supper she was Naked and I knew then that I wasn’t going to be able to resist much longer. Like with Nona and Nora. She fed me while playing with my cock. When she finished feeding me and other necessities. She started giving me a sponge bath.

Starting with my face and head. Massaging the soap into my scalp and face. Her fingers kneading my face and neck. Working her way to my shoulders and arms. Her silky slippery hands caressing and kneading her way ever so slowly down each arm to my hands. Rough and gentle pressure on each palm caressing the fingers and sucking on each finger and knuckle. After rinsing the soap of my hands. The touch of a woman seducing a man. Not the touch a daughter should ever give her father. Her massage continued up each arm, onto each side of my chest. She washed my chest off.

Massaging each peck, leaning down and caressing each nipple with first her hot breath, followed by wet flicks of her tongue. And gentle sucks to one nipple while the other nipple was pinched to varying degrees of pressure alternating from one nipple then the other. Until she started moving further and further down my body getting so painfully close to my dick that by now is starting to hurt. Approaching my cock so slowly I’m beginning to breath heavy as my excitement is ramping up at the speed of sound. Approaching as agonizingly slow as an incoming tide can be. Closer and closer she gets close enough my cock can feel the heat emanating from her face. Yet she may as well be a hundred miles away from giving me any sort of release. Continually teasing me every touch now causing my cock to flex in response to her touch.

My erection straining to grow ever bigger. Painful flexing with her continued touch and caressing my body. Wanting to grab her by the head and shove my cock down her throat.


“I can see you’re in a bit of a situation aren’t you daddy? You are so hard. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Grabbing my erection ever so gently. Which made things worse. My cock twitched hard it caused even more discomfort. Than I already had and so turned on I was fixing to beg Nova to let me cum.


“You ready daddy?”


“For what?” I seemed to say lost in a lust filled fog.

With that she straddled my face hovering her pussy over my mouth. I could smell her excitement and the heat from her pussy hitting my face like a forgotten memory. I couldn’t help but breathe in her succulent mouth watering scent I was a slave to my baser instincts now. I wanted to taste her too. To taste her wetness oozing from her slit.


“Oooh daddy, you like the smell of my cunt, don’t you?”

With that she dropped her pussy to my nose and mouth quickly hunching my face a couple of times spreading her honey like wetness on my nose and mouth. Before pulling out of reach of my mouth and tongue.

Nova laughed leaned forward and took my raging hard cock into her mouth. I moaned out loud driving my head backwards into the pillows moving my head side to side moaning after the day I had, I was so pent up with a need for release that it didn’t take long at all before cum seemed to come up from my toes. Snaking its way through my legs before hitting my nuts with a force so hard it felt like they were being crushed. Feeling rope after rope of cum shoot into Nova’s mouth. I’m sure that my moaning was heard through the house, out to the street.

Nova had trouble swallowing that much cum, but she managed it. That was the most cum I have ever produced. I was still sensitive as she turned around to face me. She kissed me and I could taste my cum in her mouth.


“Your still hard? Well I know what to do with this.”

She reached between us grabbed my dick putting the sensitive head to her entrance. She started rotating my head around her opening. I was moaning very loud begging Nova,


“Wait a minute Nova, my cock is still so sensitive.”


“Oooh, daddy. You feel good pressing up against my pussy, I know you can still thrust a little but don’t. Because I’m…..still” as she continued to press down on my cock, pressure increasing…”a…..Virgin.”

I felt her hymen break. She seethed air through her teeth as her virginal barrier broke and then stopped, breathing through the pain she described as a bad bee sting. She stopped holding her self in place. I looked down to see a slight bit of blood that appeared as proof that her virginity had indeed been given to me.

I laid there in astonishment not moving. In shock that not only was I inside my daughter. But that she had given me her virginity. After what seemed an eternity she began to move gently up and down my shaft taking a little more of my cock into her hot wet and oh so tight hole. She was looking into my eyes with a look of passion and lust.


“Oh daddy this is starting to feel good, Ah, ah, ah, oh daddy your cock is sooo hard. It’s like a velvet covered steel rod. Spreading the walls of my tight pussy apart. Oh Fuu…ck. Please daddy. Mmmmmmmm. OH Yes daddy. This is feeling reallllly gooood. Yes I’m fucking my father oh so wrong. But how can something that feels so fucking good be wrong.”

As she continued her slow decent down the length of my cock.

My cock slowly penetrating a pussy that no parent, should ever violate.


“Go easy your are so tight that I am going to cum real quick.”


“That’s okay daddy cum for me. I feel every little bump under the skin of your

hard cock. Feels good, feels so damn good daddy, Oh daddy, I think I’m going to cum. yes, yes, yes, yes, YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS. I’m cumming. Cum for me daddy, cum inside your daughters pussy! I want to feel your cum flood my pussy. I want to feel your hot load being pumped into meeeeeeeeeee, ah gawd, oh yes this feels so goooooooood. We’re going to be doing quite a bit of this!”

With that, she seemed to increase her pace up and down my cock, I was moaning trying to thrust up into her as she slid back down my shaft. She was so tight, I could feel my orgasm building. Higher and higher I was climbing. Every muscle in my body being filled with orgasmic tension.


“I’m going to cum baby girl,”

My speech patterns degraded into a series of grunts. My orgasm building steadily I was balls deep in Nova. My redheaded daughter. I was pushing up in her to try and trigger my release. Both of us moaning I exploded sending spurt after spurt of semen inside her womb. She exploded in orgasmic release. As my strong orgasm launched torrents of cum inside her cunt triggering her orgasm. She pulled herself off my cock and started squirting, I think? The cum I had planted inside her flowing out in a stream and a few globs dripping out of her. She pushed her lips to mine in a kiss that would bring life to a dead man. She was grinding her cunt onto my cock causing me to become hard again. She smiled when she felt me bumping against her pussy with another hard-on and apparently ready to go.


“So daddy do you still want us to stop? Do you still want to die? Are you still pining away for your lost love? Or are you going to move on with your life? Your life with me and my sisters?”

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