Sons and Mothers

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It was a sultry evening in early June, and Louise, although hot and feeling more than a little exhausted, pushed the pram up the gentle slope out of the village towards the pretty stone farmhouse where she lived. The air buzzed and throbbed with life. Musical birdsong was all around, constant and uplifting, and the air was heavy with the sweet smell of grass.

Her baby, Marie, was just coming up to three months old, and with three other children as well, she had a busy life that revolved around her family. Her eldest, Mike, had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to going away to university; he was stressed about his A-Levels, which in turn was stressing her. Cheryl was fourteen and going through something of a rebellious phase, but spent a lot of time out with her friends; Martin was ten and was usually either at school or else in front of the television playing his computer games. She didn’t like him spending so much time with the X-Station, but it kept him good and gave her one less thing to worry about.

With a nice house, a wife and four children to support, her husband, Charlie, was away on business a lot. He was a good man, but absent all too often. Louise knew that that was how it had to be, but she missed him. She could’ve done with his help around the house if nothing else, but with Mike getting ready to study in Edinburgh, money was going to be tight.

When all was said and done though, Louise was basically content. She was tired a lot, much as you’d expect, and had little time for herself, but she loved her family and her life was a happy one. That being said, nothing’s perfect. As an active person she wasn’t dreadfully unfit, but she had just turned forty and had had four children, one of them quite recently, and it had taken its toll on her body. She had never been very slim, but had now accumulated a quantity of baby fat that she couldn’t seem to shift, and her lactating breasts were enormous. She was five foot eight with shoulder length dark blonde hair that was curly but hid the grey well, and fully dressed in loose clothes she looked a bit plump rather than fat.

However, with so much on her plate, she rarely worried about her appearance. Occasionally she would stand naked in front of the mirror and recall those halcyon days when things were smaller and firmer and rather less hairy, but there simply wasn’t time to dwell on it. She had things to do. Her body had, truth to tell, become more of a set of problems than opportunities. Her breasts leaked a lot and ached, and she had to wear pads to keep her dry. That was starting to get her down a bit. Her boobs were very sensitive and she had always regarded them as one of her most important erogenous zones, desiring stimulation for her nipples just as ardently as for her clitoris when she made love; but now they felt heavy and uncomfortable a lot of the time, and rarely a source of pleasure.

And on the subject of pleasure, she hadn’t had sex since the baby was born, although that was in large part because her husband was away. Her pregnancy hadn’t been an accident: they had decided in something of a mad moment that they wanted another child while she was still hopefully able to have one, but she had fallen pregnant quite quickly and Charlie was either away or too tired or stressed for sex during most of her gestation. To cut a long story short, she simply hadn’t been getting very much.

The house was even busier than normal, for her son had got one of his mates staying over. They were due to go to separate universities and wanted to spend a bit of time together before they went away. She liked Dave. He was a little older than her son at 19 years old; he had failed his exams last year and had had to resit them at a local college. He seemed intelligent enough, but could be something of a daydreamer with little in the way of ambition.

Once indoors, she wanted to go for a shower. She fed the baby, then asked Cheryl to keep an eye on her for a bit. She made her way a little wearily up the stairs, and then paused on the landing to stretch. Then she noticed the bathroom door was shut and heard the sound of the shower running, and she cursed under her breath.

For some reason – for she was the kind of person who respected privacy – she decided to see what Mike was up to and remonstrate with him for allowing someone to use the shower when she’d asked him before she went out to make sure the room was free when she got home. So she pushed open his bedroom door.

He didn’t hear her: he was wearing headphones, kneeling in front of his bed, with his tablet computer in front of him. His trousers were down and although his penis was hidden from view, she could see that her son was masturbating to porn.

Totally unprepared for what she saw, she simply froze. She didn’t know what to do. Fortunately he didn’t seem to have noticed her since he was engrossed in the sex movie and his headphones blocked out all sound; but that was soon to change for his quivering buttocks and breathing pattern erotik film izle told her that he was about to have an orgasm. She knew she should turn and leave, hoping to escape unnoticed, and yet she couldn’t. She couldn’t take her eyes from her masturbating son, who held some neatly folded toilet paper to the tip of his penis to catch his come.

She watched with a mixture of fascination and lust as her son ejaculated. She was intrigued by his slender buttocks which contracted and quivered rather unevenly during his orgasm. Of course she wasn’t incestuous and didn’t fancy him; his body didn’t turn her on, nor did his orgasm; it was the fact that he was submitting to a strong sexual urge and that she had seen something she should not that turned her on.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the door shut as she left. He didn’t know who had seen him.

Louise was all flustered and vilely aroused. In her own bedroom with her back pressed to the door, she quickly hoisted her skirt, pulled her panties down and rapidly frigged her huge swollen clitoris with her right forefinger. She squeezed her breast through her blouse and felt milk seep from it; her legs buckled and shook within moments but she couldn’t get herself over the edge quickly enough; so she spat on the fingers of her left hand and reached behind herself to masturbate her anus too.

She bit her bottom lip as she orgasmed. And indeed it was the most powerful and satisfying orgasm she’d had for many years! Somehow she managed not to cry out, but her whole body buckled and shook, her boobs and pussy leaked, and she pushed her middle finger into her bottom, which gripped and squeezed the digit as it contracted.

Of course her son knew someone had seen him masturbating, and he was awkward and embarrassed for the rest of the evening. He doubted his mother would have walked in on him and suspected his sister. Naturally he was mortified and needed to talk to his friend about it.

“Dave,” he began later, down the local pub after a couple of beers, “I know this sounds like a daft question mate, but what would you do if your sister caught you having a wank?”

“Haven’t got one, mate,” said Dave in his typical listless and unflappable manner.

“Yeah but if you had…?”

“Dunno mate,” he said. “I dare say it’d be a bit embarrassing but hey ho, never mind!”


His friend looked at him hard. “This isn’t just a theoretical question is it?” he observed.

“I was having a wank earlier. While you were in the shower. I’m pretty sure I saw the door closing just after I’d spunked up…!”

“And it was Cheryl?”

“Who else could it be? Mum wouldn’t just walk in…!”

“Wouldn’t she? If Cheryl had seen you having a wank you’d have heard her laughing a mile off!”

Mike seemed to consider. “Yeah probably,” he said. “God, what if it was my mum!”

Dave shrugged like it didn’t really matter. “What if she did see you,” he said. “She knows you do it, it stands to reason!”

“I suppose so, but I don’t want an audience!” said Mike.

“Ah get over it, man,” said Dave, laughing. “Your mum’s hot, she knows the score!”

“Hey that’s my mum you’re talking about!” Mike exclaimed, starting to wish he’d kept this to himself.

“Doesn’t matter,” said Dave. “Look, you don’t know who saw what, do you? And everyone masturbates including your mum and your sister!”

“That’s as may be, but I don’t watch them doing it!” said Mike. “God, I can’t wait to go to Edinburgh!”

“Won’t change what’s happened, mate,” said Dave. “Look, don’t worry about it! It actually turns me on thinking a hot MILF might catch me whacking off, so what the hell! And the thought of spying on a sexy babe rubbing one out… oh sweet Jesus!”

“I’ve got to know,” said Mike, nursing his pint. “Will you keep your ear to the ground? My mum likes you, she might mention something.”

“Yeah, course mate,” said Dave. “You shouldn’t worry though, everyone wanks!”

Curiously, later on, Dave got his wish: he saw a woman mastrubating. Two circumstances conspired to make it possible: he couldn’t sleep because it was too hot for him, and Louise had stayed up late so that she could have a bit of time to herself. The baby had fallen asleep early enough, but its mother’s body was leaking and aching and very very horny. Naked but for her panties, Louise sat on the edge of her bed and rubbed her milky breasts. Her nipples were a little sore but somehow felt aroused, and she enjoyed the sensation of relieving them herself and wetting her body with their milk. She reached into her panties, and shut her eyes as her finger connected with her clitoris.

It was only slightly by accident that she’d left the door ajar. She knew the kids wouldn’t come in, but, in an extremely uncharacteristic bout of voyeuristic naughtiness, she found herself hoping their guest might see her and be as turned on by it as she had been when she’d caught her son masturbating.

Nonetheless, film izle when she heard the footsteps coming from the direction of the guest room, she panicked and realised she should be more careful what she wished for! She jumped up and made her way across the room to close the door, but it was too late: Dave was looking in, his mouth hanging open. He was wearing his boxer shorts but was otherwise completely naked.

“Dave…!” she began, blushing and hiding behind the door. She peeped around it like a naughy child.

“Sorry, I was just going to get a glass of water, I’m really hot.”

Knowing she should say goodnight and close the door, she nonetheless found herself unable to move. She couldn’t bring herself to end the encounter.

“I can’t sleep either,” she said, keeping her voice low. She moved slightly to the left so that Dave could see her breast again. It was huge and swollen with a small dribble of milk seeping from her long puffy nipple.

Suddenly nervous, Dave realised that she wanted him to see her breast. But despite the anxiety, he felt his penis stiffening and he drew a sharp intake of breath. She could see he had responded to her, and observed that he was getting an erection. Wearing only his boxer shorts, the options for hiding it were limited.

She reached for his hand, drew him into the room, and shut the door.

Realising that a line had been crossed and unsure what to do, Dave simply feasted his eyes on the body of the middle aged mum before him. She was a bit pudgy with enormous breasts, both now swollen and leaking, a round soft belly with fresh pink stretch marks, and, between her thick thighs, what appeared to be a sizeable vulva filling out her panties.

There was certainly no point trying to hide his arousal now; his penis was jutting out from his boxer shorts and her eyes were fixed on it.

“Be very quiet so you don’t wake the baby,” Louise murmured with a nod towards the cot over by the wardrobe.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

She took his penis in her hand and gently pulled it.

“I want you to come for me.”

He put two and two together: “It was you wasn’t it?” he said. “You saw Mike wanking earlier didn’t you?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Is that what you want from me? To wank for you?”

“Yes,” she murmured, feeling a little moisture from his penis wet her fingers.

Dave started feeling a little more courageous.

“I want to see your vag,” he told her with surprising boldness, for he was not very brave around women.

Accepting that as the price, Louise let go of his penis and took down her panties before she had time to think about it. Dave stared open mouthed at her big wet vulva. Everything was so much bigger and hairier than any girl’s he’d ever been with. The thick mass of pubic hair and puffy labia were unlike anything he’d seen before, and her clitoris was like a big pink teardrop dripping down from the thatch between her legs. He needed to masturbate now because his arousal was becoming unbearable.

“Sorry,” she said, like she was snapping out of a trance. “I must seem like a saggy old woman to you.”

“No, you’re amazing,” said Dave.

“I’m really not…”

“But you’re married and you’re my mate’s mum!”

She nodded and seemed to consider. “You know you can never tell anyone about this don’t you?”

“Of course.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs so that he could see her pussy, and then massaged her boobs slowly but firmly, causing them to leak. Dave moved a little closer, and started pulling his penis, but he was circumcised and needed to lubricate himself. He spat on his fingers and started stroking his glans quite hard, but Louise could see that this was unsatisfactory. Nonetheless, the sight of her son’s mate onanising in front of her confirmed to her that she had a previously unknown fetish for watching younger men masturbating.

“Come closer,” she said, smiling at him. He obeyed, albeit somewhat shyly. He was actually quite close to orgasm, and, frankly, just wanted to empty his balls.

He took a step towards her. Once she could reach, she put her hand behind him and cupped his buttocks, drawing him towards her face. She took his hand to stop him wanking, and then put his long hard penis in her mouth. At first she took him down deeply, but she wasn’t practised at deepthroat and didn’t want to gag. So she began to suckle his glans like it was a lactating teat, gently drawing fluid from it with the action of her tongue. She squeezed his bottom a little harder, and his legs began to tremble. She felt his buttocks start to quiver and contract, and she knew he was about to ejaculate. Unable to stop himself, Dave put his left hand round the back of her head and his right on her shoulder, then thrust his penis into her mouth as he came.

He squirted considerably more spunk than she was expecting; she rarely gave her husband oral sex, especially since she’d been trying seks filmi izle to get pregnant, and she had never seen him masturbate; he always came in her cunt.

Dave grunted as his orgasm gripped him. He would have cried out, but he was trying to be as quiet as he could. He was in pure ecstasy as his manhood disgorged his spunk into the lady’s mouth, all thoughts of the wrongness and immorality banished from his mind. Louise started swallowing, for the come had already run down her chin, and she was surprised at the acceptability of the taste: she hadn’t had semen in her mouth for a very long time, and couldn’t remember what it was like. Nonetheless, having the young man coming for her like that thrilled her, and her clitoris tingled, her leaking nipples hardened, and her vagina seeped. She loved the feeling of his lithe firm bottom quaking and contracting in her hand as he pumped his spunk out, his rock hard penis twitching between her lips as it spurted.

After one last spasm he finished coming, but she pulled his bum firmly towards her face so he wouldn’t withdraw straight away. His penis was horribly sensitive now and he actually whimpered and tried to push her away as she sucked the last of the come from it.

“Stop, stop!” he whispered, and freed his cock from her mouth. He took a step back and watched her wiping her lips, which glistened with semen.

“Blimey, you came very hard,” she said.

“Did you enjoy it too?”

“Yes, very much,” she said. “I think I’d better do the same thing, I’m sopping wet down there.”

“Your boobs are dribbling too,” said Dave, nodding towards them.

“Would you milk me while I touch myself?” she asked. “You don’t have to kiss me or anything, just milk my boobs while I masturbate.”

“I don’t know how,” said Dave but nonetheless took a step towards her and put his hands on her breasts. They felt hot and heavy and harder than he’d expected; they were obviously very full, and he was intrigued by the protruding veins and huge pink nipples that leaked as soon as he touched them. He got on his knees between her open legs, and experimented with different pinches and squeezes until her milk was jetting into his face.

“You’re getting the hang of it,” she murmured. Her legs trembled a little and she breathed heavily as the young man continued to milk her in earnest. The sweet white fluid was all over his face and getting in his eyes now, and so it made sense to take a boob in his mouth and suckle it properly. Without a word being said, the young man took the nipple of the breast she held out to him between his lips and sucked. His mouth quickly filled with her warm milk, and he swallowed some, allowing a surplus to spill out and down her tummy into the hairy mass between her thighs.

Her vagina was leaking almost as much as her breasts, and soon she simply had to touch herself. She put her hand between her legs and began masturbating her clitoris very vigorously. Indeed, Dave realised that she was quite close to orgasm but as before, she couldn’t quite get herself over the edge. Soon, she was wanking herself with a frustrated intensity and Dave moved back from her, his own genitals already returning to a state of arousal. He longed to push her onto her back and thrust his cock deep inside her.

Shamelessly hoping he would take the hint, Louise lay back on the bed, lifted her legs into the air, and put a finger up her bottom. Dave could see what she was hinting at but was too nervous to bugger her. Instead, he pulled her hand away and licked her arsehole.

Braced for the pain of rushed and inept rectal penetration, Louise gasped when instead she felt his tongue on her anus. Her husband was something of a germophobe and would never put his mouth anywhere near her bottom, but Dave seemed to have no such concerns. It felt lovely, and she stopped frigging herself for a moment to part her buttocks for him.

Dave had never had anal sex before, but licking Louise’s arsehole made his penis throb. It was dirty and naughty, but the smells and feel and kinkiness turned him on as much as the effect he was having on her. Her anus was wetted with a heady combination of her milk and cunt juice and now with copious spit, and he simply couldn’t get enough. He rimmed her lustily and with passion, then tried to push his tongue up inside her, making her gasp and arch her back. He’d never seen such a wet vagina, and the involuntary contractions of her anus showed him she was about to come.

He’d happily have gone for her vagina, but he could see that she wanted it up her bum. He stopped licking her, stood up and pulled her towards the edge of the bed, so that her bottom was available and her legs were resting on his shoulders. She was surprised at his strength, for she was chunky!

Next thing he was hurting her, and she had to stop him. He hurriedly pressed his penis against her anus and started pushing; it was very wet, but she needed proper lubrication.

“Sorry!” he said as she flinched, wincing and clearly stifling a squeal. He hadn’t meant to hurt her.

“It’s OK,” she gasped. “We just need a bit more lubrication that’s all. There’s some Vaseline in the bedside table, would you pass it to me please?”

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