Spring Breaking

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“Why are you reading a book on spring break?” Christina was at the foot of the queen hotel bed and shaking her hands like they were on fire. Sarah’s back was to the headboard as she sat with her knees drawn to her chest. Her nose was buried in a historical novel without regard to having a week off in the spring from university.

“I have a book report due a week after we get back. If I don’t pass, I don’t know what I would do…” Sarah said while she flipped to the next page.

It didn’t make much sense that Christina and Sarah were friends. Christina spent her free time being the butterfly at parties or shaking her booty at a club with booze in her clutches. At the same time, Sarah would be with a paperback in her hands at a library or bookstore. Christina’s beverage of choice was a beer or margarita. Sarah preferred water or orange juice.

Christina paced the room and retraced her frantic steps with her curly dirty blonde tresses flailing in the wind. She had a tongue ring and silver stud embedded above the right side of her lip. The earrings in her lobes gleamed. Sarah, well, had a cute smile when she chose to display it. The tips of her brunette locks reached her upper back. Sarah’s breasts created teardrop shapes through her gray university shirt and the rear of her blue jeans created a near perfect bubble shape. Christina thought a touch of her magic might transform Ms. Plain Jane into sensational Sarah.

Sarah was about as interested in that as going to the dentist.

“A book report?” Christina maneuvered to the floor next to Sarah still convulsing like she was in the midst of a seizure. “Do you know where we are? There’s so much booze around here that I’m getting a buzz-on thinking about it! Can’t you hear the beats coming from the downtown strip not ten yards from here? Have some fun for once in your life! Please!”

Christina lowered to her knees, clasped her hands together, and started shaking them in frenzied pleas. Christina’s ideas of fun did little to avert Sarah’s focus from tales of years’ past.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Sarah said, “this is my way of having fun. If you want, we can watch Hangover later. I mean that will probably be perfect for you by then.”

Tunes poured from the restaurants and clubs along the strip near the hotel. The music was pleasing to the ears but Sarah preferred to leave the downtown nightlife to her friend.

Christina popped off the carpet in a scoff and ripped at her blonde roots. “Ugh, I give up! Can you come out for me?”

Sarah peered over the top of her blue-framed specs. Sarah was tempted to appease her if for no other reason than to restore her sanity.

Sarah projected herself into those massive club crowds and deafening acoustics. That had her returning to her shell and beige pages.

The entirety of Christina’s gleaming whites surrounded by glossy pink lips sought to influence Sarah’s decision. Sarah sighed at her friend’s relentlessness and laid the book prone on the sheets.

When Sarah became Christina’s Algebra tutor, she never expected the ride in which she’d find herself. Christina had a story every night about some guy in a club whose hands traveled to forbidden zones and wound up with a palm print to the cheeks or one that she fancied so much they wound up rocking in the sack that night. The extent of Sarah’s relationship experience was a six month on again, off again thing with a boy from high school that went off to a distant college. Tingles popped off within when Christina weaved her nightlife tales but the idea of navigating her world was not just way out of Sarah’s comfort zone. It was in another galaxy altogether.

Sarah keyed on Christina’s wear for the evening. Her low-cut white v-neck style top didn’t reach her belly button and the cleavage peeking out was certain to draw ogles of both sexes. Her white skirt struggled to reach her knees and Sarah wondered how many times that night she would try with futility to push it there. Her ass pushed the rear of that skirt out in a big way. Sarah began falling under hypnosis the longer she continued to gaze. It was either that or the scent of blossoming jasmines she left in her contrails.

For all the effort Christina put into getting ready to hit the strip and her insistent pleas to spend time with her, Sarah flung her hands into the air in submission but not without butterflies flapping in a fury inside her tummy.

“I would go but I didn’t bring any club clothes,” Sarah said as a final attempt at resisting.

Christina’s joy diminished not the slightest amount. “You can come like you are for tonight. Don’t think you’re getting off that easily. On second thought, the jeans can stay…for now…but the university shirt can’t. Do you have something else or should I find something for you?”

“No, I’m sure I have something!” Sarah scampered off the bed and searched through the closet for an alternative to Christina’s fashion choices. She thumbed through her tops and opted for a normal cobalt short sleeve shirt. “Here erotik film izle we are.”

Sarah sensed Christina’s perfume when she peered over her shoulder to evaluate her selection.

“I have to take you shopping and soon,” Christina lamented, “did you ever stop to realize all your clothes are a variation of each other?”

Sarah examined her wardrobe and was mortified at how she had been on autopilot when making the same attire decisions in the department stores.

“Yeah, I might need a makeover…” The lack of variety staring at her was quite disturbing.

Sarah’s hips hopped as shock rocked her system when Christina swatted her ass. “I’ll help you with that but get ready for tonight now!”

Sarah parted her lips to protest but opted to go along with her—for now. Christina’s proximity did bring with it endless thrills—thrills she wasn’t certain she wanted to get caught up in.

About an hour later, the girls were approaching the Spectral Palace nightclub where they would shake their asses and consume booze until the next day. Sarah’s hyper-sensitive senses went haywire from the excess stimuli around her in the form of the masses of club-goers and the blaring tunes from venues and open restaurants along the strip. The temptation to retreat to the confines of the hotel room was growing by the second. Christina stopped outside the club’s doors near a quintuplet of people mingling together.

“Why are you stopping?” Sarah folded her arms against her torso in response to her overactive nerves.

Christina rose to her tippy-toes and darted her hazel irises in all directions past the horde. “Aric is meeting us here. He must be late…”

Aric was the name of another guy Christina messed with. She seemed to go through men like most people go through toilet paper but she claimed to really like this one.

Her last man dealt powder in their dorm and the police wound up busting down their door and scared the shit out of them. The one before that wanted Christina to join his harem. The woman prior to that wanted to be in charge of every time her lips could move and when she could take a mere step.

Aric was the best one yet. His gifts of green tea for Sarah, his admiration for her brain, and his unsuccessful attempts at inviting her out with him and Christina to “enjoy her company” were quite flattering. He kept her best friend grinning and full of exciting stories so that was enough for Sarah.

A few seconds later, Mr. Handsome strolled through the crowd and found the duo.

The girls came up to Aric’s chin. His hairstyle resembled a black ruffled mess of perfection and peach fuzz peeked through his face and chin. A thin mustache sat upon his lips. His slender build was adorned with dark skin.

Aric opened his arms and encased the girls in a cocoon. “I’m here! We can get the party started now!”

Aric emitted an intoxicating cologne that mingled with some kind of body spray. Overkill possibly but no less rousing.

“Yay, come on, Sarah!” Christina snatched Sarah’s hand and they dashed into the club. Sarah didn’t have time to protest against it before they were in the midst of the beats and hypnotic blues, purples, reds, and yellows flashing everywhere.

Christina peered around the club when her eyes settled upon the horde shaking their hips and tapping their toes on the dancefloor. Sarah noticed this and slammed on the brakes when Christina attempted to tow her there.

“Wait!” Sarah trembled to her toes as her heart thundered in her chest.

Christina maneuvered in front of Sarah and clutched her shoulders while caressing her with her own gaze. “What’s the matter?”

“I…just realized that I should have a drink before I go out there!” Sarah used anything she could to stall and buy her time to either find the courage to follow her or slip out unnoticed.

Christina angled her stare off-center and looked at her friend with a side-eye. “I’ve never known you to drink. What’s really going on here?”

“No…nothing. Trust…me!” Sarah trekked to the bar and grabbed the stool at the far left of the bar. She lowered her jade eyes to the bar and interlocked her digits.

A minute or so passed when the familiar aroma of Aric’s mesmerizing fragrance slithered into her nostrils and a touch landed on her lower back as he climbed into the seat at her flank.

“And here I thought you were allergic to alcohol,” Aric said while waving the bartender in front of them and holding up a pair of fingers, “two Modelos please.”

Sarah hadn’t a clue what he ordered but was without doubt the bitterness would cause spasms.

“Hi…” Sarah awaited him to save her the trouble of continuing conversation.

“You’re a fish on land here, aren’t you?” Aric said.

“How did you guess? I was more than happy with my book before Christina dragged me out here.” Sarah rotated slightly towards him. “I’m sorry but I don’t think that I’ll be much fun here. I never should have come.”

Sarah thought it’d be film izle best to remove herself to keep from syphoning the energy from Aric and Christina’s cheery dispositions.

A pair of glasses clinked when they landed on the bar and Aric pushed Sarah’s under her nose. She looked upon the amber liquid with repulsion. A sniff reminded her of cough medicine.

Aric tossed his beverage down his throat and wiped the remains from his lips using the back of his hand.

“I actually admire that about you.” Aric waved his hand in front of her in a circle. “You have this quiet, intelligent aura about you. I wish school was easy for me like you.”

Sarah smiled softly though it was a quick flash. “Thanks. Maybe a little less partying and a little more time in a book might help ya.”

“Oh, haha! You’re not lying but one happens to be more fun than the other!”

“One of them might get you further in life than the other.” Sarah tapped the glass on the bar as she contemplated her escape. She ribbed her friend but welcomed his attention in small doses and he respected that wish to her delight.

“No argument there! Okay, I understand what you’re going through. I tell you what.” Aric spun on the stool to face her. “If you finish your entire glass, I won’t be upset if you go back to the room. I’ll even walk you back.”

Relief showered upon Sarah at the chance to escape but booze stood between her and her exit. She scooped the glass and a chill cooled her once sweaty palm. Aric would not avert his fixation on the beer.

Sarah sighed, lifted the glass, and drank as much as she could in one gulp. She made it halfway through before she shot her tongue out and shuddered from the taste but she threw it back again to complete the challenge before she could think about it. After all that remained was an incomplete alcoholic ring around the glass’s bottom, a pair of claps resonated through her ears.

“Woohoo! How did you do that, Aric?” Christina cheered as she applauded them. “I hadn’t been able to get her to drink in years and two seconds go by with you, and she’s already becoming a lush!”

Sarah couldn’t deny the spark of what she figured to be a buzz. “Okay, I did it. Walk me back to the hotel!”

Christina raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Aric turned towards the bartender and put up three fingers for her.

“I said that I’ll take her back to the hotel if she had a drink…” Aric said and began whispering something to Christina that the noise drowned out. A smile puffed Christina’s cheeks as they continued talking. When the drinks came, Aric’s voice returned to normal and he handed one of the beers to Sarah. “We’ll leave in a minute…”

Sarah grabbed the glass and sipped without thinking about it. Aric placed a drink in his current lover’s hand and they walked away to blend into the masses.

Ten minutes later, Sarah realized her glass was empty again. She didn’t want to associate herself with being a drunkard but if she continued, there’d be no way she could tell anyone otherwise.

Her head was floating in alcohol by the time the couple returned.

Christina tugged on her hand. “Come on, Sarah!”

She couldn’t respond before she wound up on her feet and moving with the dancefloor drawing closer. Her rendezvous with the bar lightened her head and tossed the world off-center. Her apprehensions had faded and the pleaser in her didn’t desire to disappoint her friends.

Maybe she’d stop before things went too far that night…

The women carved a path through the hip-shaking horde and found a spot where they could groove together.

Christina left Sarah in a small open area, took her place in front of her friend, and wiggled her shoulders. She bent at the knees and threw in some hip shakes, booty hops, and arm swings. When Sarah didn’t catch on, Christina tapped her leg and ramped up her dance moves with intensity.

Christina reached for the sky, shuffled her heels over to her timid friend, and bumped hips with her. “Come on! Like this! Do what I do!”

Sarah stumbled to the side but the jolts bursting from her core combined with her buzz prompted her to attempt to follow her example—in her own way…

Sarah flailed her arms around like they were rubber and skirted across the floor similar to a jackrabbit with a sore foot. Christina buried her face in her hands as if to hide from the embarrassment.

“How’s this?” Sarah slid to the left and slid back to the right as if on ice while lifting one knee and the other with her face looking in one direction then the other.

Sarah was keenly aware she’d never have her friend’s moves but as long as they had fun, that’s what mattered to her despite Christina’s humiliation.

She giggled when Christina fought to push her skirt to her knees for the umpteenth time that evening. Christina lifted her skirt and flashed her black panties before shoving it back down. Sarah’s jaws fell loose as her eyes doubled in size although her behavior shouldn’t have been unexpected. seks filmi izle Her friend narrowed a seductive squint at Sarah and returned to gyrating on the tile. Sarah received her suggestion but wasn’t giving any thought to acquiescing.

As Sarah danced, the colorful lights, the contrast of slow and rapid beats, the booze, and her own adrenaline lulled her into a hypnotic trance where time passed at a slower pace causing her to succumb to the high she was experiencing.

Christina slithered her way into Sarah’s comfort zone and the shy friend winced from the breach of space. Christina anchored hands on both Sarah’s clavicles, dipped into a squat, and eased her way upright again. Christina’s flowery redolence sought to further weaken her friend’s defenses as did Aric sliding behind Sarah and latching onto her hips while gliding to the floor and springing upward once more. The steam glistened Sarah’s brow and being wedged between a pair of friends in obvious heat gave her a thrill that she didn’t know excited or frightened her.

Sarah tensed when Christina’s gaze spoke to her lustful intent and she curled her toes into a pop. Her lips approached and Sarah’s instinct to evade had her bumping into Aric. Time halted and her awareness concentrated on the puckers that softly pressed on her lips. The initial burning shock was followed by an excitement Sarah didn’t quite know how to handle. As every second passed, she found herself doing things she’d never done and kissing another girl was the last thing she thought would happen. She’d watched Christina’s trysts with other lovers before but now, she was caught up in her world.

Christina pressed her thumb to her chin with a finger beneath to steady it and closed her eyes as she laid another lingering kiss on Sarah. The volts coursing to Sarah’s depths had her sweet crevice leaking onto her panties.

Aric rotated Sarah by the hips, leaned into her, and adhered their lips together. Sarah’s brain melted into hot grits and not being able to see it coming prevented her evasion. Aric pressed a little harder the following kiss and kicked up the intensity with the next one.

Sarah squeezed out from between the pair with her heart drilling into her chest and a searing sensation on her lips.

Aric rubbed the middle of Sarah’s back. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“I…I have to pee!” Sarah took off towards the ladies’ room.

“Did we do something wrong?” Aric approached Christina and sounded like his stress was about to smash through the ceiling.

Christina held Aric’s hand, pecked his cheek, and leaned in the direction her friend went until they broke contact. “I’ll handle this. Don’t worry about it…”

A minute later, Sarah burst into the women’s restroom and the person on the opposite end pulled a swift juke move to miss getting the door imprinted on her face.

Sarah stumbled over the tile and fell into the stall at the end. She turned to close and latch the door but Christina stepped between her and the lock. After a click, Christina spun to talk to her friend but Sarah was wracked with disbelief that a plus one stood in the stall with her. All the time, Sarah’s bladder tingled in a fury and was certain leakage wouldn’t be far away.

“What are you doing? I told you that I need to pee!” Sarah was doing a real dance to keep from wetting her pants.

Christina put up both palms towards her as if to halt any impending assault verbal or otherwise. “I know! I wanted to be sure you were okay. You acted weird after we kissed you. If we did anything wrong, we’re sorry.”

Sarah’s ability to form coherent thoughts was becoming impossible.

“I…I don’t know how I feel. I’ve never…”

“I know!” Christina and her enthusiasm interjected. “I’m your best friend so that’s why it’s my job to show you things you’ve been missing out on…”

Sarah followed Christina’s fingertips to the bottom of her skirt and seized her breath when it began to rise and her black lace came into view.

“No, stop…” Sarah weakly protested.

Christina’s skirt was at her waist when she flipped and pulled her panties down. Sarah turned away in the embarrassment that she might actually like what she was doing.

Sarah might have had a peek at her when she was getting dressed in the early morning light once or twice after they spent the night together. Christina thought her to be sleeping those moments but Sarah was not as deep into the dreamland as was believed.

Christina peered over her shoulder. “Look. I’m trying to show you something!”

Sarah counted to three and shifted an eyeball until she saw plump bare cheeks with something bearing a faux diamond lodged between them. The clamors and constant squeaking of the bathroom door rattled her nerves and stopped her from asking obvious questions.

“This is getting really awkward…” Sarah’s speech was challenged by the churning in her gut.

“Wearing this really makes me feel naughty…” Christina hunched forward a bit, reached behind, and pumped the silver toy in her asshole. “Mmm, yeah. Ohh, you should get one of these!”

Sarah’s intrigue kept her focus on Christina’s self-pleasuring but the area of her joy opened a new line of inquiries.

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