The Soccer Locker Room Pt. 12

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“Okay guys, huddle up!” Coach Alex beckoned over the soccer players to the center of the field, starting practice. It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon, the leaves bright orange, red, and yellow and beginning to fall from the trees. Although the temperature was only in the mid 50s, it felt much warmer with the sun beating down. Nearly all of the players were shirtless and wearing just their fitted shorts, mid-calf socks and shoes, hoping to catch all the vitamin D they could get before the cold winter sun set in.

“You guys know the drill for Wednesday practice,” said Alex as the team groaned. Wednesdays were cardio day, when practice largely consisted of running exercises and sprints. “Since it’s so nice out today, we’re just going to pair off and do long runs for all of practice. Grab a partner and head out!”

Jake noticed the annoyed faces on most of his teammates as they started to pair up. Most of these guys hated cardio days, preferring instead to weightlift or practice drills. He, on the other hand, enjoyed cardio probably more than anyone else. Despite being quite muscular, his lean frame made cardio relatively easy for him. Plus, the usual sight of his sweaty teammates always was fun. Looking around, Jake noticed his teammate Dylan without a partner.

“Hey man, want to head out together?”

Dylan looked pleasantly surprised to be asked by Jake. A freshman on the team, Dylan always seemed a bit out of place. A little socially awkward, he was still warming up to the guys on the college soccer team. Jake always thought he was cute, though, in a slightly twinky way. At 6’2″, he was skinny and boyish, with soft blue eyes, short blonde hair, and bald everywhere else. His height made his soccer shorts look tiny, like the shorts that cross-country runners wear. All of his awkwardness clearly made him particularly honored to be asked by the team captain to run together.

“Sure thing man, I feel like we’ll keep a similar pace. Where should we go?”

“Let’s take the southern trails. It should be quieter over there with lots of fall foliage,” Jake responded. After taking a few moments to ensure their laces were tied tightly, they began their run in a moderate jog.

The two of them were a little quiet at first as they settled into a faster pace. As they got deeper into the trails, they quickly became surrounded by the towering forest. Surprisingly, none of their other teammates were in sight or sound, making the run feel private and casual. After a few minutes, Jake broke the silence.

“So how’s your first year on the team going so far, Dylan? Think you’ve gotten to know everyone?”

“Yeah man, I’ve been slowly getting there. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I can take a while to open up.” Dylan was breathing heavy, pausing between sentences to catch his breath. Jake noticed as tiny beads of sweat formed on Dylan’s tanned skin. “Everyone has been really cool though. I didn’t think we’d all be this close after just a few months of practice,” he said with a smile.

“I’m glad, dude,” Jake responded. “And if you think we’re close after playing for a few months, wait until you’re a senior – You’ll feel like these guys are your brothers!”

Dylan laughed, nodding his head in agreement. “I can believe it. But to be honest, I don’t feel like brothers often fuck their coach together,” he replied with a smirk. He was of course referring to the team orgy a few weeks back, when all the guys had fucked Alex after practice.

“Well, I guess not,” said Jake, patting Dylan on the ass playfully as they continued running side-by-side. “But wasn’t it fun?” The two of them made eye contact, reminiscing about the ridiculous experience.

“Absolutely, canlı bahis man. That was my first time after all!”

Jake had completely forgotten that Dylan was a virgin prior to that day. Admittedly, it wasn’t a huge surprise. Despite being quite fit, Dylan was lanky and awkward. Certainly not the type of guy to get lucky every weekend. Jake was now recalling how quickly Dylan had cum inside Coach. But everyone is awkward their first time and the guys were supportive.

“What a trial by fire,” Jake added. “Have you been luckier with the ladies after getting your first time out of the way?” Jake knew Dylan was straight from the other guys.

“Honestly, not really dude,” Dylan’s expression turned a bit sheepish. “I just get so quiet when I’m chatting with them. Plus, it doesn’t help that at the soccer parties, one of you is always around to scoop up all the chicks,” he said while motioning to Jake’s ripped physique. “I’m definitely not as hot as lots of the other guys on the team, so it’s tough to compete.”

“Hold on, hold on,” said Jake as he immediately stopped running. “Just because you’re taller and skinnier than some of the guys on team, doesn’t mean girls wouldn’t like you. You’re a college athlete and in great shape! I’m sure girls would be all over you if you put yourself out there.”

“Really think so?” Dylan asked. Jake couldn’t help but think he looked adorable, truly nervous about his body despite being a perfect (and pretty athletic) twink.

“Definitely man, you just need a bit of practice,” Jake said encouragingly. “And if I remember correctly, once they see your dick they’ll be telling their friends about you.” He was of course referring to Dylan’s sizable cock. 8 inches long and girthy, it was impressive on his skinny torso.

Dylan laughed smugly, knowing he was quite well-endowed. “It’s only good if I can get a girl to see it though,” he replied with a laugh.

The two of them were still standing in the middle of the trail, catching their breath in the heat. Dylan had placed his hands behind his head, exposing his sweaty pits to Jake. He couldn’t help but think how ideal a twink Dylan would be. His boyish features made him look barely 18, while his skinny frame showed off soft and lean muscles. Jake could feel his shorts tighten as his own penis started to arouse.

“What do you think is holding you back?” Jake asked, genuinely curious.

“I’m honestly just worried that I would be bad in bed,” Dylan replied earnestly. “I hardly know what I’m doing, and you saw how fast I came inside Coach. And he’s not even a girl.”

“Well practice makes perfect,” Jake encouraged. He stepped a few feet towards Dylan, allowing him to get a whiff of his sweaty, manly scent. “I think you just need to fuck around a bit for practice. You’ll be a pro in no time.”

A light bulb clearly went off in Dylan’s mind as he realized the opportunity in front of him. From the tenting of Jake’s shorts and his generally slutty reputation, Dylan knew his team captain was up for anything. Practicing sex with Jake would be the perfect way to build up his own confidence.

“Would you be up for giving me some pointers?” Dylan asked, fully knowing the answer already.

Surprised, a wide smile broke out on Jake’s face. “Hell yeah,” he replied. “Let’s get you some experience!” Jake reached out to grab Dylan’s manhood through his shorts. It was already getting hard, feeling thick in Jake’s hand even though it was still only half-erect.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” Dylan moaned. He was clearly not used to anyone but himself rubbing his crotch. Jake knew they would have to go slow to build up Dylan’s know-how.

“Okay, first thing bahis siteleri in any sexual experience is some foreplay,” Jake began. “I’d guess that most girls would first go down on you, and then you’d reciprocate. Since I’m playing the girl, I can start.” Jake got to his knees in the middle of the trail, pulling down Dylan’s shorts as he lowered his body. Dylan’s dick sprung free, standing at full mast in the warm Autumn air. Jake could tell Dylan was extremely excited by the way his dick throbbed and pulsed before he even wrapped his mouth around it. This could be over quickly.

Holding up Dylan’s shaft at the base, Jake ran his tongue across Dylan’s smooth, hairless balls. They tasted just like his pits smelled, excreting masculine and athletic pheromones. Then, he wrapped his lips around the tip of Dylan’s girthy cock. He heard Dylan groan loudly, making him more and more confident that this was Dylan’s first ever blowjob. Looking up, he saw Dylan in wild pleasure but also somewhat uncomfortable, like he didn’t know what he should be doing.

“Just relax man,” Jake encouraged, moving off Dylan’s dick for a moment. “Lightly grab my head and guide my motions.”

Returning to the blowjob, he felt Dylan’s large hands wrap around the back of his head. For a brief moment, he saw Dylan relax as he gained comfort in getting his dick sucked. But just a few moments later, he noticed Dylan’s body clench as he fast-approached release.

“Shit,” Dylan groaned as he prematurely orgasmed. He rammed his cock deep into Jake’s mouth as it began to spray cum in thick ropes, coating the back of Jake’s throat. Jake moaned encouragingly as he swallowed Dylan’s seed, savoring the salty taste. When Jake felt Dylan’s orgasm subside he pulled out, licking the cum from his lips.

“Sorry bro, didn’t mean to surprise you like that,” Dylan said, blissfully but clearly embarrassed. “I’ve never gotten a blowjob before this.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jake replied casually. “I love sucking cock. But you might want to give future hookups a little notice before shooting cum down their throat,” he added with a wink.

Dylan chuckled. “So what’s next? I still have a lot to learn.”

“Fuck man, you’re on it!” Jake was genuinely impressed with Dylan’s sexual tenacity, until he realized that this was only his second sexual experience. “Well your dick will be soft for a bit, so in the meantime how about you practice going down on me?”

“What do you mean, like ass stuff?” Dylan seemed confused.

“Yeah man, it’ll be just like going down on a girl.” Jake didn’t actually know, but figured it was still good practice for Jake and would be great for him. “You can warm me up that way before the main event.”

“Okay dude, I’m game.”

Pulling off his shorts, Jake laid down on his back in the middle of trail. Both of the guys were now just in their running shoes and mid-calf socks, quite a sight for anyone that could have walked past. Jake then pulled his legs over his head, exposing his ass to the sky. Dylan got down on his knees in front of Jake, looking at Jake’s ass completely unsure of what to do next.

“Don’t worry about it too much, Dylan,” Jake encouraged. “Just try licking it with the tip of your tongue or rubbing it gently with your finger.”

After taking a moment, Dylan got to work. Turns out, he was a natural. Starting with his tongue, he circled Jake’s ass a couple times before digging deep into the hole. Jake moaned to signal his pleasure, which also would have been obvious from his rapidly growing cock.

“Fuck man, just like that!” Jake was in ecstasy.

Dylan smiled up at him, giving a devilish look. He then licked his pointer and middle bahis şirketleri fingers before gently rubbing them against Jake’s ass. “Want me to stick these in you?”

“Yeah man,” Jake said back. Dylan didn’t hesitate, firmly yet gently inserting two digits into Jake. They kept eye contact as Dylan pushed in and out, relaxing Jake’s hole in the process. He was quickly becoming ready for Dylan’s cock.

It was clear that Dylan was nearly ready too for a second round. The brief respite had allowed his cock to become erect again. At just 19 years old, he could rebound quickly. As he continued to fingerfuck Jake with his right hand, he spit on his dick and stroked it with his left in preparation.

“Put your big cock in me,” Jake begged Dylan. “But go slow at first,” he cautioned.

Dylan’s eyes widened as he realized his moment had arrived. Pulling out his hands, he moved his body closer to Jake’s and threw Jake’s feet over his shoulders. Finally, he positioned the tip of his cock at Jake’s hole.

Jake looked up at Dylan, newly admiring the straight freshman. With a tall, lean, and toned torso, he looked at the same time young and dominating. A sexually-crazed look filled his eyes, like an animal desperate for release. Jake couldn’t wait to get fucked by his teammate.

Just then, Dylan inserted his cock into Jake. After a few seconds of pressure, the wide tip broke through Jake’s sphincter, letting it all slide in rapidly. Dylan grunted deeply, leaning forward until his face was just inches from Jake’s. Jake could feel Dylan’s heavy breath on his.

“Fuck, your ass is so tight,” Dylan groaned as he began to thrust long and slow into Jake.

Jake moaned back, genuinely enjoying Dylan’s enormous cock after the initial pain subsided. It poked up against his prostate, massaging it powerfully with each movement. He stroked his own dick lightly, being careful not to cum too soon himself.

“Just like that, Dylan. Your dick is fucking incredible,” he said to the freshman.

As Dylan continued, he leaned back and pressed Jake’s thighs into his chest. Using them for leverage, he thrust faster and harder into Jake. With each movement, he balls slammed hard against Jake’s taint.

Jake reached up to grab Dylan’s chest, feeling his body’s wetness from their shared workout. “I want you to cum in me,” he told Dylan.

Dylan beamed. “Cum for me first, Jake,” he replied.

Jake didn’t need to be told, however. Dylan’s enormous cock was plenty to get him over the edge. He rapidly stroked his cock as he continued to admire his lover’s athletic-yet-twinky body. Soon, he felt an orgasm approaching.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jake shouted as his cock erupted, spraying rope after rope of pearly-white cum onto his chest and abs. His jizz pooled in the middle of his chest and belly button before streaming down to the dirt path. At the same time, his asshole tightened, making each thrust of Dylan’s even more pleasurable.

“SHIT,” Dylan replied as he slammed his body one final time into Jake. “I’m cumming!” Dylan’s dick throbbed as he bred Jake, shooting a massive load into the team captain, especially considering it was his second in just a few minutes. His body shook as it expelled his seed. Finally, he collapsed on top of Jake with his cock still inside him. Their muscular bodies rubbed against one another, spreading their cum across each other’s chests.

After catching his breath, Dylan finally rolled off of Jake. “Is all sex that good?”

Jake laughed, responding, “No man, that was pretty stellar actually. You’re a natural.”

“As long as I don’t cum too fast,” Dylan replied.

“Just jack off beforehand and you’ll be good,” Jake suggested. “But come on, we have to clean up before getting back to the soccer field!” Getting up off the ground, Jake began to wipe away the cum from their bodies with his shorts before getting dressed.

To be continued.

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