Becoming My Pet

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We hadn’t been seeing each other long, and each day I had something new for you to try. I knew today’s request would make you uncomfortable because no matter how much you loved submitting to me, you valued the little independence you maintained at the same time. I laid out your presents on the bed and waited for you to get out of the shower. When you walked in the bedroom with the towel around you, you looked at the bed and then met my gaze with a puzzled smile and a raised eyebrow.

“I assume you’ve never been anyone’s pet?” I asked cautiously. You straightened your shoulders and tried to make yourself seem intimidating.

“I’m no pet. Not for you, not for anyone.” I smiled at your challenge and walked slowly towards you. I showed you the collar in my hands and you contemplated it before nodding. I looped the collar around your neck and made sure to leave the loop on the back of your neck to where you couldn’t easily reach it. I laced my fingers through the loop and led you to the bed. I sat down and lifted the soft tail with the plug attached to it.

“Would you mind sitting on my lap, kitten?” You shivered and dropped your towel before straddling me. I grabbed your hip making you catch your breath and canlı bahis dug my fingers into your ass cheek. I lifted you slightly and used my other hand to rub your clit. You were slowly starting to get wet, and my fingers were only making it worse. As soon as I felt you struggling to keep your legs open I moved my now wet fingers to your asshole. You squeezed my shoulders and let me continue to push deeper into your ass. Almost as soon as they were inside, I pulled them out and slid the plug into your ass. Your fingers dug into my shoulders and you let a moan escape your lips.

“You’ll keep the tail in until we’re done, kitten.” I grabbed your chin and made sure you understood that this was no longer about what you wanted, you’d do as I said. I pushed you down until you sat upon your knees on the floor in front of me. I pulled your head into my lap before hooking a leash onto your collar and wrapping the rest around my wrist. I pulled gently until your head was between my legs.

“For the rest of the night, you’re my kitten and you will only address me as master. Understood?” You nodded, and I pulled harder on the leash, making you lose your breath. I stood and pushed you onto the bed, positioning you so that bahis siteleri you were on your knees with your head against the pillows and your arms at your sides. I began to cuff your hands behind your back as you spoke.

“Master, would you please touch me?” You whined. I knew you regretted asking as my hand came down on your ass, making you jump before I grabbed your collar and pushed your head back down. I spanked you again and you moved against me, trying to get away from my hand. I could tell that spanking you while you had the plug in was excruciating, but your cries only made me smack you harder.

“If you don’t hold still, it’ll only hurt worse kitten.” I positioned you again and then moved to sit between your legs. You moved against me, trying to grind against my lap to get yourself off. I pulled on your leash again and you choked out apologies and moved back to your previous position. I got onto my knees and then my strap was inside you and you were pressing back against me.

“Please use me master,” you mewled as I moved slowly inside you. I tugged gently on the tail you still had inside you and you groaned into the pillow. When I started fucking you faster, your moans sounded almost relieved.

“You’re bahis şirketleri a greedy little kitten, aren’t you?” I cooed, and you nodded and struggled against your cuffs. I could tell you wanted to pull me closer to you, so I dug myself deeper into you so that I could hear you whine again. I yanked your leash so that you struggled to breathe as I pounded into you. Instead of fighting against your collar, your movements got more frantic.

“I’ll leave a nice bruise around your neck, you can look at it all week and remember how it feels to be collared. How does that sound, kitten?” You struggled to nod as I continued to choke but I saw your agreement just fine.

“You didn’t even need training, kitten. You let me take control so easily. It’s kind of sad actually, but you love being a pet, don’t you?” Again, you nodded almost imperceptibly. I let go of your leash and suddenly all I could hear was you mewling just like a kitten, and it was all for my approval. I yanked on your tail again and slammed my hips against yours, making your legs shake underneath you. Before you had the chance to ask you were cumming and crying out hysterical apologies. I smiled and uncuffed your hands before pulling away.

“It’s alright pet, you got carried away. I’ll let it slide, just for today.” You turned on the bed so that you could look at me and I could just barely see a bruise forming beneath your collar.

“Thank you, master.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32