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I crawled into bed with the sack of objects. We had been sending messages back and forth that had gotten progressively more suggestive. When he said to call him Master it was all over. My skin burned and I wanted to feel him. When I had stood up at the computer my legs were shaking. I could feel the wetness dripping down my thighs. Now I could take care of that throbbing.

I slid two fingers inside my self and held them there. When I pulled them out they were slick, wet… I pulled them up slowly and drew them across my clitoris and my body shook. I dragged them all the way up over my belly and between my breasts, up over my neck and chin and slid them into my mouth. I thought about tongues, fingers…other things. When I couldn’t taste my self anymore I reached into the bag. I took the thick dildo and slid it easily inside me. I tried to just leave it but squirmed against it and had to fuck my self. Oh, god, I felt it sliding in and out and wished that I could wrap my legs around his waist and feel him driving into me. I heard myself moaning softly and reached into the bag for the next thing.

I placed it just over my clit and turned it on slowly. The vibrations were delicious…slow…teasing. I felt my breathing get isveçbahis deeper and closed my eyes. I turned it up a bit more and tensed immediately as the vibrations became faster, more intense. That familiar itch was starting inside me. I tried my best to slowly work the dildo in and out of myself but was having trouble keeping a slow pace. Oh fuck it, I want to cum and cum hard.

I pushed the dildo deep inside myself and clamped my legs together to hold it in. I spread the lips around my clit and pinched and slid my fingers over it. Then I placed the vibrator just over the head and started pumping my hips fucking the cock inside me. The vibrations slid over my clit like a tongue and my moans were getting louder. I turned it up on high and slid it from the hood to just underneath the clit and that was all it took. I bucked against it, shaking every time it touched me and feeling the flood between my legs. I dropped the vibrator letting it buzz against my thigh and pushed the dildo inside my grasping pussy over and over again whispering oh god and fuck over and over again, drawing out the orgasm and almost cumming again.

I stopped finally letting it all just wash over me. My thighs were drenched with my cum. I started isveçbahis giriş to slide the dildo out and had just the tip inside and pushed it back in arching my back and grinding my hips against it. I want wanted more…I always do but usually cumming will take my mind off of the constant pulse inside me for at least a little while. I thought about the things he had written to me.

“Sex is best when it’s prolonged. I think it’s the best when I can fuck really hard but stop before I come. To me, its most enjoyable if I can get my partner off before I come. I love watching women come – it’s definitely a turn on. Sex is best when it’s about mutual pleasure and delayed gratification.” Then he had told me he was thinking about eating me…

My fingers slid across my slick clit and around in circles slowly since I was still sensitive. I felt the pulse getting stronger again and pulled my fingers away. My hands slid across my body, pinching and tugging at my nipples. My right hand snaked down between my thighs again; I grabbed the dildo and held it while I pumped my hips against it. I moved faster now and just pushed against my clit as my hips ground faster. I felt the tension and the build. Oh god I was so close.

I isveçbahis yeni giriş thought of his head between my thighs, his tongue pressing against me, sucking me and slid my fingers up and down over my clit. I pinched by nipples and fucked the dildo harder, spreading my legs wide and I shoved it inside me a few more times and felt that itch again. I grabbed the vibrator and held it just under my clit and I was gone. I rolled onto my side, curled up into a ball; the vibrator still trapped against me and just shook. My hips were moving back and forth and I was cumming so hard that it was flowing out around the dildo. I rolled onto my back and fucked my self hard and fast again, hearing the wetness and feeling like I would explode.

My bed was creaking with my thrashing and I was biting the pillow to keep from screaming. I finally had to drag my hand away and hold onto the headboard, my hips still pumping and rolling, squeezing the dildo so hard it fell from me. My pussy was still contracting so I just held on to the headboard and tried to breathe for a minute. My legs were clamped tightly shut and the muscles were still tense. I forced myself to relax; my hands still wrapped around the bars of the headboard a shudder hitting me as I fought to regain control, to relax and just become limp.

My breathing was close to normal now. I stretched and smiled to myself. Now I just had to write it down for him. I hoped he would be pleased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32