Geisha’s Ass

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Years ago, when I was in the Air Force, I had been stationed in Japan for just a few months when I had the most exciting sexual experience of my life up until then. It was ten o’clock on Friday night, a week after payday, and the dirt streets of the sin city right outside the airbase were crowded with other young men looking to have a few drinks and get laid. In that regard, their goals were identical to mine.

As I cruised the streets, I was peppered with offers of short times and blowjobs, but I eschewed them. Some of the girls who offered their pussies or mouths were quite pretty, and if it had not been a Friday night, I might have taken one of them up on her offer. I didn’t, because I was after an overnight stay with one of the available hostesses in one of the many bars. It would cost three times as much as the offers I was turning down, but the more leisurely sex was easily worth it, especially since I expected to eat the pussy of my companion for the night. For no particular reason, I dropped into a bar called the Sunflower Club and looked around.

As always in a place like this, one of the smiling hostesses approached me and escorted me to a booth. “You want drink, GI,” she asked after I had sat down.

“Beer,” I responded and handed her two hundred yen, which was the usual price for a bottle of the good quality beer that was brewed in Japan. At the time, a dollar was worth 360 Yen, so the bottle cost me less than sixty cents. I hadn’t come there to drink; I was after sex, and one or two bottles would be enough for me that evening.

She returned with the beer and a glass and sat on the bench next to me. Michiko was her name, she told me, and I had no problem telling her my actual first name. She was dressed in a blue and white kimono, as a geisha might wear, and her hair was done up in the tight, lacquered coif traditionally favored by women of that profession, but her face was not covered in the white pancake makeup that would also have been part of the costume. Michiko was in her early twenties, with dark eyes and the smooth golden-brown skin that I found far more attractive than the white paint would have been. She poured some of my beer into the glass and, a few minutes later, I decided she would be the girl I would take to a hotel, assuming she had not already made a commitment and was willing.

“You want drink?” I asked her.

“Hai!” she responded, nodding her head to emphasize her affirmative.

Michiko returned with a glass of clear liquid and ice cubes. “Gin and tonic,” she assured me. “Two hundred fifty yen.”

I handed her the money and she returned to the bar to pay for her drink, her getas, or wooden shoes, clacking on the floor. I assumed it was iced tonic with maybe a drop of gin to make it smell real, but I didn’t care about that. Buying her a drink was really just a way of letting her know I was interested in making a night of it with her. The evening continued, and I ordered another drink for either of us. When she returned with them, we got more cuddly, and I kissed her and fondled her breasts. They were not large, but definitely two nice handfuls, and I became more certain that we would share a bed that night.

The bar would close at eleven o’clock, because the airbase had established a curfew of midnight for all members of the armed forces, and it would not do for me to be out on the street after that time. Just before closing, Michiko leaned closer and asked: “You want go hotel with me tonight?”

It was something of a rhetoric question, because I had one arm around her and the other hand caressing her thigh, and it was obvious to her or to anybody who saw us what my intentions were. “Yes,” I answered.

She told me something then that dampened my ardor a bit. “I in my period, George, so you no can fuck my pussy. But my ass ichi ban. Number one. Is that okay?”

I was disappointed and intrigued at the same time. Michiko was rather plump, in a very sexy way, as my roaming hands had learned during the course of the evening. Her ass had appeared quite shapely when I watched her going to the bar earlier, although I had been just looking, not thinking of fucking. Besides that, it was too late by then for me to go to another bar and pick up a woman, so I would either settle for Michiko’s ass or go back to the base still horny. I only weighed the choices for a few seconds before deciding.

“Okay. almanbahis şikayet We go hotel and I fuck your ass.” Michiko smiled impishly when I accepted her offer, and I started thinking the evening would be more fun than I had anticipated. I was very young and still something of a rube, and the idea of anal sex with a girl or woman seemed quite exotic.

Promptly at eleven o’clock, she got up, poured the last of my beer into my glass and took the empty bottle and her half-full glass to the bar. Those patrons who would not be leaving with one of the hostesses made their exits, while the rest of us waited for the tables to be cleared and the ashtrays emptied. It didn’t take long, and Michiko and I left arm in arm.

The hotel she wanted to go to was no more than a hundred yards away, and was dark and on a dark alley. The door was unlocked and we entered into a dimly lighted hallway. “You wait here. I speak hotel mamasan,” she told me, continuing to speak in the Pidgin English commonly used between most bar hostesses and GI’s.

She returned five minutes later, accompanied by an older woman, presumably the owner and operator of the hotel – the mamasan – who looked me over. I don’t know what she was looking for, but I passed her cursory inspection.

“Thousand yen,” was the only thing she said, while holding out her hand.

I handed her two five hundred yen notes, which she held up to the light before stuffing them into the folds of her kimono. She was not costumed as a geisha; she was just dressed in the normal attire of older women at home. Satisfied with the money, the old mamasan left and Michiko led me to a small room with a bed. We stopped inside, and I placed my shoes on the shelf beside the door and she put her getas there. I locked the door behind us, and we embraced more warmly than we had done before. This time I thrust my tongue into her mouth when I kissed her and she licked its underside.

Wanting to take care of business before pleasure, Michiko broke off the kiss and stepped away. “You give me fifteen hundred yen,” she stated.

I had no problem doing that, and handed over three five hundred yen notes. She stuffed them into a small purse that appeared from the folds of her kimono and moved back to continue hugging and kissing for a few more minutes, until Michiko ended the embrace and stepped away from me again.

This time, it was for pleasure, not business. “We go bed now,” she suggested, and the impish grin returned to her face.

Obviously, I was 100% in favor of that idea, and I stepped up to her, untied the sash around her waist and opened her kimono. She had no bra, which I already knew, and was wearing only a skimpy pair of panties under it. I held one of her small breasts in either hand and bent down to lick the dark brown nipples. I could feel them becoming erect under my tongue, and it seemed obvious to me that Michiko was going to be paid for doing something she liked doing anyhow. As my tongue also enjoyed itself, she shrugged out of the outer garment and backed away to hang it on a hook behind the door.

The hotel obviously catered to Americans, probably those there for the same reason as I was, because it had an actual bed instead of mats on the floor. After removing something from the pocket of the kimono, Michiko lay sideways on the bed, obviously waiting for me to join her. She looked so hot and sexy that I didn’t make her wait long. I quickly peeled off all my clothing but my jockey shorts and lay down beside her.

As we hugged and kissed more, Michiko fondled my cock, which was already hard, before suggesting that I remove her panties. I was probably more eager than she was, and I stripped them around her ass and hips and down her legs before tossing them toward the foot of the bed. She did the same for me, and we were equally naked and equally ready.

At least I was ready. Michiko handed me a bottle of some oily liquid, rolled over onto her belly and slipped a pillow under her waist. At first, I wondered what the bottle was for but, when I saw her reach her hands back to separate the cheeks of her ass, I realized it was for lubrication. With no hesitation at all, I knelt beside her and gazed at what she was putting on display.

Her buttocks were nicely rounded and, like the rest of her body, were smooth and soft and a pretty yellow-brown color. The insides almanbahis canlı casino of her cheeks were a lighter shade and, when I touched her there with my fingers, even silkier. At the center, resembling a dark brown rosebud, was her ass, the place I would be lubricating and fucking. In the few months I had been stationed in the country, I had come to adore the beautiful pussies of the women who had been my temporary sex partners, but the first ass I looked at closely was even more enticing to me that night.

“You get me good and oily, and your cock too,” she instructed. And I removed the cap from the bottle and poured some over the rosebud where she wanted it.

“Now, stick your finger in my ass and rub it all around.”

I inserted a middle finger where it was needed and twisted it back and forth until I thought it was sufficient. Michiko must have thought it was too.

“That feel good, GI, but your cock feel better.”

Anxious to prove that, I coated my cock with the oily liquid from the bottle and knelt between Michiko’s spread legs. AIDS was unknown at that time, and I knew the hostesses kept their bodies clean and healthy, so my chances of catching an STD were remote and, if I did, treatment was simple. Supporting my upper body with one hand and guiding my cock with the other, I placed the tip against the oily hole being held open and gave a firm thrust, wedging the head inside.

Michiko’s ass was the tightest place my cock had ever been, and the sensation of it being squeezed by the ring of muscles at the entrance sent ripples of pleasure all through my body. She must have liked it too, because she moaned, and I assumed it was a happy sound, because she urged me to give her all I had. There was nothing I wanted more than to do just that, so I thrust forward again and felt almost an inch of my hard shaft squeeze inside her.

She moaned again, and Michiko’s body started squirming under me, making me feel good about what I was doing. Bar hostesses, such as the one in bed with me, were prostitutes, technically, but they only entertained one client a night, so they could allow themselves to enjoy sex with that one man, even climaxing, since there would be no need to conserve their energy to fuck many times. I was enjoying it even as much as she was, because the soft lining of her ass and the attached channel was massaging my cock in a way that was different than anything I had ever felt.

Michiko’s hands were still spreading her ass cheeks, but I had made a deep enough penetration that I no longer needed to guide my cock. I placed my hands on either of her soft, sexy hips, loving the feel of her supple flesh, and thrust forward again. Almost half my cock found a home in the tight place that was making it feel so welcome and my pleasure multiplied.

So did hers. Oooo, George, that feels so good! Take it easy, though. We in no hurry.”

I had to admit she was right. We would be in that bed all night, and I had hopes and expectations of fucking again before leaving on Saturday morning. I delayed for half a minute, letting both of us enjoy the feel of my cock in her ass before thrusting it in farther. She moaned happily again, and her movements under me became more strenuous. Wanting to be more active, she let go of her cheeks and placed her hands on the bed by her shoulders so she could push back to meet me.

We continued like that, with me driving my cock into Michiko’s ass in small increments and her fucking back to meet me and pausing after every thrust. Both of us relished the sensations we were giving each other, until I felt my pubic hair brushing against the soft insides of her ass cheeks. I stayed like that for almost a minute, my cock buried in her and reveling in the way her muscles massaged its length, before slowly drawing back. With just the head still inside, I paused again before plowing my cock all the way back into her. Michiko fucked back to meet me and our bodies came tightly together again.

“Yeah, like that, George. Make it last long time.”

I kept doing it like that, also wanting to make it last for a long time. To give myself better leverage, I moved my hands to her shoulders and drove my cock slowly in and out of Michiko’s succulent and eager ass for a long time. She moaned and whimpered, but she also kept telling me how good it felt, so I knew she was not in pain.

As almanbahis casino we continued, she started rocking from side to side and her hips swiveled under me, thrusting her legs back and forth. Her movements added to my joy, because her ass was massaging my cock in a different way with every thrust. I loved everything we were doing, including the way her soft cheeks felt against my thighs, but the best part was what her ass was doing to my cock, and I knew the woman under me was also deriving pleasure.

The longer we fucked, the more erratic her movements became and the more she begged me to keep doing what I was doing. Her knees bent as she thrust her legs back under me, and her arms started flailing at her sides. To a person who might have been peeking at us through a hole in the ceiling, she would have looked like a frog swimming, but I knew she was neither more nor less than a truly sensuous woman who was immensely enjoying unconventional sex with me.

“Play with my clit, George. Make me cum,” Michiko whispered.

I was glad to do that, because I was almost ready to cum too. When I reached under her and ran my fingers over her pussy, I was surprised at finding her still dry, and I told her so.

“I wear Tampax,” she answered.

I realized that would soak up the juices being produced by her pussy as well as the menstrual flow. After finding her clit, which was swollen and had pushed its way out from its protective hood, I gently pinched the little darling between folds of her lips and started stroking in time with the thrusts of my cock into Michiko’s ass.

“Yes! Yes! Make me cum!” she whispered urgently. “Fuck me faster.”

I was almost ready to cum too, and I was more than ready to do what she so badly wanted. I started fucking her faster; her body thrashed wildly under me, and she begged me to keep driving my cock into her. I increased the pace again, and Michiko continued to meet my faster strokes, until she cried out in delight.

“I cum, George!” This was followed by a stream of Japanese words I did not understand, but I knew what she meant.

With my hands still on Michiko’s shoulders, I rammed my cock in and out of her ass for another minute, until she cried out again, even louder and more ecstatic. After what I knew had been her orgasm, she totally relaxed under me, and I knew it was my turn next. With another dozen strokes, the volcano of pleasure that had been building up inside me erupted; I grunted in joy and a was of my cum gushed into her ass. I didn’t stop, but kept fucking her until I ejaculated again, and I knew I was through. Michiko was lying under me and I sprawled on top of her, so we could both rest and catch our breaths.

We stayed in that position, both happy and satisfied until my cock softened and I carefully pulled it from the ass that had felt so good. A gush of my semen, mixed with the leftover lubricant followed it, a highly erotic sight. I rolled off Michiko onto my back, and she turned to me, a big smile on her face.

“You fuck my ass real good. I go clean up now.” She got off the bed, pulled her kimono around her naked body and left the room.

A few minutes later, she returned with what we always called skivvy paper and wiped everything off my cock. “We go sleep now. You fuck y ass more in the morning.”

That sounded like a wonderful idea, and we curled up together, still naked, for a night’s sleep. In the morning, we woke up and did it again, except it was even better and we went at it longer. My morning wood lasted such a long time Michiko was able to cum twice before I finally climaxed and pumped two more gobs of cum into her ass. We rested after that, and she used more skivvy paper to wipe off herself and my cock. When she was done, I left and went back to the airbase.

After that, I returned to the Sunflower Club every month and went with to the same hotel with Michiko to fuck her in the ass again. I never did eat her pussy the way I did with other bar hostesses, but the couplings I had with her are among the best memories I have of my long ago tour of duty in Japan.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as I did and as Michiko obviously did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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