Haley’s Submittance

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As I laid there, chained to the wall, I waited for him to come. The cold steel chains tightly fastened my hands and neck, forcing me to stay spread open for my master. My back felt cold against the cool, hard wall, and my knees bruised against the hard cement floor.

My pussy hurt from the 3 orgasms I completed alone, the necessary payment before I could earn his touch. The payment took me more than an hour to finish, always leaving me feeling tired and broken. Then, once I finished, I had to get ready for him. I would walk to the corner of the room, where a mirror and my makeup were already set up. First drawing on the black mascara and eyeliner, and then pulling my long brown hair back up into a bun. Next, I would strip off my clothes and lay them neatly on the floor. Then, I would have to get into my chains, and finally, await his arrival; my small breasts, pale skin, and small red holes, sore from cumming, all bathed in the white fluorescent light of the room, ready to be abused.

As he walked in, I stared as his perfect body, his cock already excited, dripping from the girl before. I was the fourth in line, I knew that. He had his way with 3 before me, but… they didn’t make him cum. He always saved that part for me. I was the newest part of his collection. My small breasts, tiny body, and shy demeanor set me apart from the rest. However, I did have one problem. That was why he required 3 orgasms. He wanted me to last.

As he approached, my mouth began to water, knowing what was to come first. As his cock neared my face, I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out as far as it could reach, readying my throat. He was everything I wanted. I watched as his glistening cock twitched with excitement, and as his gaze made its way down to my perfect mouth, into my red throat.

He lightly grabbed the back of my head, previously forced against the wall, and gently stroked my hair. I audibly gulped, and he quickly fastened a gag in my mouth, signaling that I not yet deserved to taste his cock. He then left the room, leaving me to feel my drool as it slowly dripped down from the edges of my mouth, down my tits, dripping down over the rest of my body. He liked it when I got all messy. There were times when I’d leave with bruises, mascara running down my face… you name it: but he never let me clean almanbahis up there. He made all his women drive themselves home, so they could sit in their filth as they drove. However, he always made sure we were good as new before he invited us back to have him.

When he returned, he had a tall blonde crawling behind him. She had clearly been one of the previous girls. I could tell by the purple mascara stains across her face, coupled with the look of absolute submittance in her eyes. As she crawled over to me, she began to kiss my feet, then up my legs, eventually making her way to my freshly trimmed pussy. She began licking me, like a well-trained animal, and I moaned under her touch.

When my master came over, his eyes were fixed on mine, ignoring the slave under him. As he stood over me, he slapped her ass, hard, causing her to let out a small wince of pain, before continuing to lick. My master’s cock was now dry, and I knew now, it was going to be my turn to serve. As he took the gag out, his slave began to lick harder and harder, taking pauses to add her spit to my already soaked pussy. I knew this was soon going to be my fourth orgasm of the night.

Then, he placed one of his hands on the bottom of my mouth, tilting my head slightly upwards, cutting off my vision from his cute slave girl, and slowly thrusted his cock deep into my wet throat. He liked to hear me gag, and after a minute, he was able to hear it after every stroke. This lasted for minutes as I serviced his cock, while being licked to orgasm after orgasm. I wondered how it was possible he could last so long, and as I soon began to feel my throat become raw, he stopped.

“It’s time for you to taste her now,” he purred, as he removed his cock from my throat, leaving me with the feeling of spit and makeup dripping down my face.

I watched, confused as he left me and went behind his blonde slut. He walked her over to the familiar white bed in the corner of the room and bent her over. He then put his cock into his slave’s pussy, covering himself with her juices. I watched, jealous, as my pussy began to drip once more.

“That’s a good slut. Now squirt for me,” he purred, as he stuck his finger into her ass, and began to thrust harder, causing her to moan uncontrollably, flooding his dick with her pleasure. almanbahis yeni giriş As she squirted over his cock, he slowly released her from his grasp, and let her sink back down on the bed to relax. Then, he walked back over to me, her cum dripping from his cock.

“Now, open wide princess,” he commanded, as he again tilted up my head, and presented his cock, dripping with her fluid.

I opened wide, and stuck out my tongue, afraid of the taste. I didn’t wait long, before he slid his glistening cock deep down my throat, fucking it just like his slave. And as he fucked, she returned, and continued to lick, now with a greater intensity. I tapped on the wall – our signal for him to slow – as I was about orgasm. He eased up, as wave after wave of pleasure hit me, his slave continuing to lick my pulsing pussy.

“That’s a good girl,” he purred, as his blonde slave turned and walked away.

Then, he unchained me and laid me face down across the white bed. Placing my hands far in front of me, propping up my ass to the edge, so that it lined up perfectly with his cock.

“Can I have your cock now daddy?” I panted; my pussy soaked from his slave’s spit.

He responded by shoving his length deep into my tiny pussy.

“Ah,” I let out, gasping from the sudden pain, as he proceeded to mechanically pump his dick all the way in and out of me, stretching my tight hole. I felt his cock deep inside me, and after so much cumming, I knew I was merely meant to be his toy for the rest of our session.

“Fuck daddy. I’ve been a bad girl. Will you fuck me until I’m better? You can even have my ass” I moaned, taking his cock in and out of my pussy, trying my best to make him want me.

Then, suddenly, he stopped, removing his cock from my now gaping pussy. Fuck. I knew I was about to be punished.

I watched as he once again left the room, tracing the muscles on his back as he went. I reached my hand back, and began to massage my soaked pussy, letting my fingers slip inside, feeling my stretched hole. Fuck, I wanted his cock. He made me feel so good. So, I waited, slowly rubbing my pussy, ready to do whatever he asked.

He returned with a tiny black box. And as he walked closer to me, I began to return to my previous position, ass facing him, head deep in the pillow.

“No almanbahis giriş baby,” I heard him call out, as he neared closer to the edge of the bed. Grabbing my hand, he led me to a new corner of the room, with ropes dangling from the low ceiling. He fastened my hands to them. Then, he attached my blindfold, and brushing his lips against my ear, he ran his hands down my ribcage.

“You are going to get punished now princess” he whispered, letting his hands slip down to my wet pussy. “I want to hear you okay?” I heard him open the box and remove the item. Then, I felt as he traced the small leather edges of his whip over my body, leaving goosebumps as they passed.

“Yes daddy” I responded, ready for my punishment, “You’ll hear me”.

Then, he stood back and began to whip me. The leather ignited my skin. He started with my ass, leaving stripe after stripe, covering it. Then, he moved to my thighs, this is where I yelled the most, unable to hold back a single gasp after each strike. Next, he moved to my front, and while slowly caressing me with the edges of his whip, he clamped my hard nipples. I started to moan, as he then began striking my entire front with his whip, with seemingly no focus at all. He hit my breasts, my stomach, my legs, all just barely avoiding my soaked pussy. I was soaked. And as I felt blow after blow of his whip strike across my skin, I couldn’t help but want him to continue my punishment forever.

When he was done, he took my blindfold off, and led me to a mirror to inspect myself. I was covered in bright red lines, and as I turned away from him, he forced me down on my knees. I stared at myself in the mirror, and I watched him slowly slip his cock into my slick pussy, then out, and into my tight ass. He began to thrust into me, stretching my tight hole with each movement. I watched myself, face red with exertion, as I thrusted my ass back, desperate to finally feel his cum.

“Cum. In me. Daddy.” I gasped out, between deep thrusts of his cock. His hands gripped tight around my tiny waist, as he shot bolt after bolt of his cum deep into my ass. The feeling of his cock, mixed with the idea of his orgasm pushed me to the edge one last time, and I felt my ass clench tight around his dick, massaging out every drop of him.

When we finished, we both stood up to look at ourselves, my ass gaping, covered in cum and sweat.

Then, for the first time, he led me upstairs. He guided me through his long hallways, all the way to the bathroom, and with his hand on the small of my back, he led me inside.

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