I Finally got my Mom after a Hike

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My earliest memories of being turned on by a family member was with my aunt. Soon after I turned 18, she moved across the country and stayed with my family while she looked for a place of her own. My parents both worked, so we were alone at the house the majority of the time. Nothing ever happened between us, but I remember being so obsessed and turned on by the fact that she was my aunt. Suddenly every masturbation session was thinking about her. I would take a pair of her underwear from her laundry, and inhale her scent while I pleasured myself.

I began searching almost exclusively for porn of guys having sex with mature women, so that I could pretend that was me and my aunt. This eventually lead me to find mother/son porn, which led to me looking at my mom very differently. I assumed a lot of guys go through some sort of sexual attraction to their mother, but it quickly became an obsession with me. Every time I masturbated, which was a lot, it was thinking about my mom, or sometimes of a threesome with my mom and aunt.

After years of this, some days I would be so turned on, I would pull out my phone and want to press the buttons to send her a text about my obsession with her, just to see what would happen. But of course, cooler heads would prevail, I would never risk ruining my relationship with her.

Fast forward 10 years later. My sexual feelings towards my mom are still as strong as ever. We decide to plan a hike that would take us 2 days to complete. It was my parents, myself, and my brother who went. We drove 4 hours to a small town beneath the mountain, and got a hotel room as we’d be leaving early the next morning. At this point is was nothing out of the ordinary. We were all sharing one room, and we got settled in and started figuring out what we wanted to do for dinner. My mom was feeling a little tired from the drive, so she decided to take a shower while we figured out dinner.

Another thing you should know about me is that I have a foot fetish. I would take a glance at my mom’s feet when I could, but something changed about it that day. When she took off her shoes to get ready for a shower, her toes were painted this bright lime green color. To this day, I can still picture that color. I don’t know what it was about her feet that day, but I was absolutely mesmerized and couldn’t control my instant hard-on sitting right there in the room. I couldn’t wait for my mom to finish her shower so that I could go relieve myself thinking about those feet. And so I did, 3 times just that late afternoon and evening. That night in the hotel was the most turned güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri on I had ever been, and all I wanted was to jump on my mom and passionately fuck her.

But alas, I’d be pulled back into reality, and my own hand would have to do. The next morning we set out early to begin our hike. A couple hours in, the sole of one of my mom’s hiking shoes started to separate. We were able to tie a lace around it to keep it together. Another hour or so went by, and the shoe just kept coming apart. We stopped and discussed what to do next. We had come about halfway to where we were planning on setting up the tents, but there was no way she could go further without risking injury. I volunteered to turn around with her, and my dad and brother would continue on.

As we turned around, thoughts started racing through my head. We were to go down the mountain, get a hotel room, and wait for my dad and brother to finish the hike the next day. All I could think about is I’d be in a hotel room alone with my mom, if there was ever a time for something to happen, it was now. Just thinking about the possibilities while we hiked down the mountain caused an enormous erection forming a tent in my pants. Instead of hiding it, I let it stick out hoping my mom would see it. In my mind, she would see it, see I was turned on, and maybe ask me why, and that would be my in to finally tell her. This was the day, the day I would sum up the courage to make a move and see what happened.

When we got to the hotel room, we showered and then walked around town looking for something to eat. We grabbed some pizza, then went to a saloon which was the only bar in town. We had a few drinks and played some pool, then headed back to the room. I was just drunk enough that on that walk back, I knew I was going to make a move. If it back fired, I could explain it on the alcohol.

This was it, the moment I was waiting for. As soon as the door closed behind us, I grabbed my mom and turned her towards me. I kissed her hard, and tried slipping my tongue into her mouth. I could feel her mouth open ever so slightly, but then shut as she pulled away. She yelled at me asking me what I was doing. I apologized and told her how obsessed I’ve always been with her. That just because society says it’s wrong doesn’t mean it has to be wrong for two people who love each other to provide physical happiness to one another. I think she was taken aback and she wasn’t sure how to respond, but since she didn’t tell me I was crazy, I figured I still had a chance.

I grabbed her again, with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my hands around her waist I pulled our bodies together and kissed her again. After a slight hesitation, she opened her mouth and I shoved my tongue as far down her throat as I could. She responded with the same, and we started kissing deeply and sensually. I pushed her again the wall, as we started kissing more and more passionately. Our hands were exploring each others body, hers were on my stomach and mine was trying to lift her shirt off. It was years and years of pent of sexual desire that was exploding in this animalistic kiss.

I lifted her up by her legs against the wall, pushing my pelvic into hers as we continued an all out attack on each other’s tongues. We turned and fell back onto the bed, her now on top of me. Without hesitation, she reached her hand underneath my shorts and started massaging my incredibly hard penis. We broke the kiss for the first time, and she immediately moved her mouth lower as she pulled my shorts to my ankles. Without another word, she wrapped her lips around my cock and started giving me the best blowjob of my life. Her moans told me she was enjoying this as much as I was. I had only had blowjobs from two different girls to this point, and it wasn’t even comparable. She moved methodically up and down with her mouth and right hand, while her left hand gently squeezed my balls. Within 2 minutes, I was already close to orgasm. I told her but she didn’t stop, she just moaned even louder. I came, the hardest orgasm I had ever had, and she took every spurt and continued massaging my balls to pull out every last drop.

I sat up and kissed her again, the slight saltiness of my cum mixed with her saliva was getting me hard all over again. Now it was her turn. I pulled off her pants and underwear, and breathed in the heavenly scent of where I once came out of. I licked, nibbled, and sucked on every orifice of her vagina. I flipped her over on her stomach, and shoved my tongue into her asshole while I continued to rub her pussy. She bucked and screamed into the bed as her first orgasm hit her. I flipped her back onto her back and continued licking and sucking like my life depended on it. Her taste was intoxicating, I could have laid there for days with my face buried between the legs of my mother. After she had another orgasm and I could feel her legs relaxing, I rolled over and we both laid there breathing heavily.

As we both came down from the high of what just happened, her phone rang. It was my dad and brother, they too had güvenilir bahis şirketleri to stop the hike and were just returning to base camp. Luckily they had found someone else going down the mountain who had offered them a ride. They would be to the hotel in 20 minutes.

I expected my mom to jump up and start freaking out over what we had just done. Instead, she asked if I was ready to go again before they got there. The thought of how wrong it was that I had just gotten a blowjob from my mom, and then buried my face in the pussy I came out of, coupled with the fact that my dad was on his way to the hotel, got me so turned on I was harder than I was before the blowjob.

We kissed, as intense as the first time. I took off her shirt and bra and saw her small breasts for the first time since I was a child. I sucked on each nipple in between kisses. I knew we were short on time, and I knew there was no way I was going to let this experience go by without sucking on her toes. I pulled her to the edge of the bed as I stood beside it. I lined up by rock hard dick and slowly pushed it into the pussy of my mother. We both shrieked with joy and pleasure as I begin pumping in and out. Having waited years and years for this moment, and never expecting it to actually happen, was so amazing that I had to resist the urge to cum almost immediately. Not knowing how long we had until there would be a knock at the door, made it even more exciting. I wasn’t sure how she would react to my foot fetish, but at this point there was nothing I wouldn’t do to her. I grabbed her beautiful green-painted toes on her right foot, and stuck her whole foot into my mouth, as I sucked on each toe, and ran my tongue between the crevices of each toe. She purred in satisfaction, so I grabbed her other foot and started at her heel, licking and smelling every inch of her sole as I continued to pound the pussy that I once called home. I knew I was close to cumming, and wouldn’t be able to stop it this time. I put her feet down and bent over and shoved my tongue back into her mouth. As I was on the cusp on orgasm, the feeling of being inside my mom, as we were passionately making out with each other, was an indescribable feeling. I came, even harder than before. The orgasm was as intense and even mo re pleasurable than after the blowjob. I gave her one last kiss, and rolled off the bed.

At that moment, she got a call. It was my dad, they were just pulling into the parking lot. We both jumped up and threw our clothes on as quick as possible. We straightened up the bed, and then we heard them knocking at the door. Just as I went to open it, my mom stopped me, pulled me towards her, and shoved her hand down my pants and gave my cock a nice squeeze with a smirk across her face. I took that as her way of telling me she was okay with what just happened and hopefully there would be more to come in the future.

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