Mary and the Cam Girl Pt. 01

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After sixteen years of marriage and two kids, Mary and George’s sex life had slowed down to a crawl. Once every month or two he would crawl on top of her and they would have perfunctory sex. Mary kept a vibrator tucked away in her underwear drawer that she occasionally brought out for some ‘me time.’ She assumed her husband had a similar routine, maybe involving some internet porn. Then she found his account on a cam site that he had accidentally left logged into. George was spending dozens of hours and more than a hundred dollars every month chatting with girls online, some them only eighteen or nineteen. He watched them strip and masturbate while he jacked off.

Mary didn’t know what to do. At first she wanted to confront her husband, but she didn’t want to set off a huge fight, or worse, lead to a divorce. They still loved each other very much, even if the sex was nothing to write home about. They had a comfortable routine, George made very good money at the bank, they took nice vacations a couple of times a year. They even had a cozy little cabin in the mountains. And then there were the kids to think about.

Unsure of what to do, and curious as to what her husband saw in it, Mary created her own account on the cam site her husband frequented. At first she watched a few couples, young men and women having sex like Mary did when she was in her twenties, or doing crazy things that mary had never even considered. Pretty quickly though, that started making Mary depressed. Their energetic sex reminded Mary of what she and George no longer shared and their tight young bodies made Mary self conscious about her own. At forty three her thighs were starting to show some cellulite and her breasts sagged from feeding two kids. Mary wasn’t obese, but she was getting a little overweight, and watching the athletic sex of people twenty or more years younger than her started to do terrible things to her self image.

Mary started going to the gym more regularly and trying to initiate sex with George more often. She even gave him a blowjob and let him finish in her mouth, something she hadn’t done in years. For a while things were great again, but soon enough they settled back into old routines, except they were having sex twice a month instead of once.

One afternoon, home alone and bitter after a few glasses of Chardonnay, Mary logged back onto the cam site. There were no couples preforming, but there was one girl who stood out to Mary. She knew from looking at George’s history that she was one of his favourites. If it hadn’t been for the wine or if Mary hadn’t been feeling sorry for herself, Mary probably would have closed the site. Instead she paid the credits to enter the girls chat room. The girl’s profile listed her as Emily, a twenty two years old student. When the video popped open Emily was already naked and in the process of bending over and spreading her buttocks, showing off her wrinkled asshole above a waxed slit.

Emily turned back around, letting Mary see her small breasts, each capped with a pierced nipple. ‘Okay, what’s next?’ Emily asked the chat room. There were half a dozen other people watching the show along with Mary, all men based on their usernames, and they started typing suggestions like mad. Most wanted to see Emily use a dildo in her pussy, a few wanted to see her toy her ass and one wanted to see her pee.

Emily took what looked like a joint from an ashtray on the desk where her webcam rested and took a long drag. She exhaled a cloud of smoke that briefly obscured isveçbahis her breasts, then she leaned to the side and grabbed a rabbit vibrator. It was the same model and even the same pale blue colour as the vibrator Mary had hidden in with her panties. Emily started by running the vibrator over her breasts, then she began to give the toy a deep, slow blowjob.

This was the first time Mary had watched another woman like this. In all the porn she had seen before, while it had been the woman who was the focus, there had been a man involved, a real penis being serviced. Slightly drunk, depressed, and suddenly very, very horny, Mary stood up from the computer. She rushed to her bedroom, stripping off her sweatpants and panties as she went. She grabbed her own vibrator, careless of the clean underwear she spilled on the floor as she did so. By the time Mary got back to the computer, naked from the waist down and holding the vibrator, Emily had her legs spread, heels resting on her own desk, and was running her vibrator up and down her hairless pussy.

Mary imitated the girl on the computer screen, running her own blue vibrator through her thick brown bush, trying to imitate Emily’s movements as she saw them on the screen. When Emily turned on her vibrator, Mary did the same. When Emily focused her clit, Mary buzzed hers, enjoying the vibrations. As Emily started to fuck herself with her rabbit, Mary did her best to keep the same rhythm. After a few minutes of fucking herself, before either Mary or Emily came, Emily pulled the rabbit out of herself, and Mary reluctantly followed suit. Emily held the toy up to the camera and showed off the cream that had built up on it. The she put the vibrator to her lips and began to slowly lick and suck on it.

Mary almost stopped following along. She had never liked the taste of herself, not even letting her husband kiss her after the rare occasions he went down on her. She also hadn’t had a shower yet that day and wasn’t feeling exactly fresh. On the other hand, Mary was more turned on than she had been in years, and she was reluctant to break the fantasy. Mary tentatively brought her own rabbit to her lips, wrinkling her nose at the smell, but she steeled herself. She stuck out her tongue like Emily, and slowly licked the vibrator from base to tip. Mary found the taste tangy and unpleasant, but she didn’t stop. When Emily wrapped her lips around her toy and began pushing it in and out in a parody of a blowjob, Mary did the same.

Mary was relieved when Emily stopped giving the plastic penis a blowjob and returned it to her pussy. Mary followed suit in a flash, enjoying the toy back where it was supposed to be. Soon Mary was plunging it in and out, the little rabbit on the vibrator hitting her clit ever time she pushed it all the way in. Emily was obviously putting on a show for all the men in the chat room, but Mary was starting to approach an orgasm. When Emily turned around in her chair and began to fuck herself doggy-style, Mary stopped mirroring her and concentrated on achieving her own orgasm. It came quickly and Mary squeezed her eyes shut as it rolled over her.

When Mary opened her eyes, they locked onto the ass of the young girl on the computer screen in front of her, trust lewdly into the air as a toy identical to Mary’s trust in and out of a tight hairless pussy. Suddenly disgusted with herself, Mary closed the chat room. She stumbled to her room and threw her rabbit into its drawer, then finished stripping and climbed into the shower. By the isveçbahis giriş time her kids had come home from school, Mary had sobered up and had almost convinced herself that it had never happened.

For a while Mary avoided thinking about what had happened, and everything was fine. Then, a week later, she had boring sex with George where she didn’t cum, and the mingled guilt and arousal Mary had felt watching Emily came rushing back. The next afternoon while her husband was at work and the kids were at school, Mary got ready. She showered and put on only her bathrobe. She pored herself a large glass of wine and left the bottle beside the computer, then put her vibrator on the other side of the keyboard. Mary sat down, and logged into the cam site.

Mary was glad when she saw that Emily was online. She looked back through Emily’s profile as she waited for the video chat to load. Emily’s profile listed her age as 22, cup size 32A, height 5’3″, weight 125 and that she was a sociology student. Mary also saw that she listed her location as Alberta, Canada, the province Mary lived in, though there was no city or town listed.

‘She must spend a lot of time at the gym,’ Mary thought, then immediately felt guilty as she hadn’t been to the gym in two weeks. She felt like a cow next to the slim younger student.

When the chat room finally loaded, Mary found herself disappointed to see that Emily wasn’t yet naked. The younger woman was wearing a long t-shirt and dancing to some terrible music that Mary vaguely recognized. There were only two other people in the chat, so Mary assumed Emily was waiting for more people to show up before she started her show. Nervous, Mary gulped down the rest of her wine in her glass and refilled it from the bottle. When she was done, Mary saw that she had received a private message from Emily, who was still dancing around in the long t-shirt, stopping occasionally to take a hit from her joint and type on her keyboard.

‘Hi!’ the message read. ‘I don’t get many girls watching me.’

Mary debated what, if anything she should write back. Eventually she settled on, ‘My husband likes to watch you. I wanted to see what the big deal was.’

After a few more minutes of dancing and another drag on the joint, Emily sent another message to Mary. ‘You must like what you see, since this is your second show!’

By then more people, all men, had joined the room stripped off her shirt, leaving her in nothing but a baby blue thong. Again Mary was jealous of the younger girl’s body, tight and smooth where Mary felt she was flabby. Emily leaned over the keyboard, her pierced nipples directly in front of the camera, and sent Mary another message. ‘You should book a private show sometime. We could have some real fun ;)’

Mary thought about logging off rather than enduring what she thought of as Emily’s teasing, but the wine was working its magic and Mary stayed. She watched in rapt attention as Emily teased down her thong, giving a quick peek of her mound before turning around to show off her cute ass. Mary could feel her arousal rising as she waited for Emily to pull out her vibrator. Mary wanted to follow along again. When Emily asked the room what they wanted to see, Mary downed her wine and asked Emily to get out her rabbit.

To Mary’s dismay, most of the men made different requests, and some of them accompanied their requests with tips for Emily. The cam girl pulled out a small buttplug and showed it off to the camera. The Emily slathered the plug with isveçbahis yeni giriş lube and, propping one leg up on her desk to give the camera a good view, began to slowly push it into her puckered asshole. Mary watched with equal parts disgust and fascination. Mary had only ever had anal sex once, on her honeymoon. The memory of that drunken disaster, the pain and the stinking mess Mary had left of George’s penis made Mary shudder. Watching Emily and hearing her moan in pleasure as the plug disappeared inside her ass made Mary think she might be missing out though. Soon the plug was all the way in, the jewelled base completely covering her sphincter.

As strangely appealing as it looked in the moment, Mary couldn’t mirror the act, and she hoped Emily would start playing with her pussy soon. With the plug firmly in her ass, Emily returned to the keyboard and typed out a few messages, one of which was to Mary. ‘Hope you like it!’

‘I’d rather you play with your vagina,’ Mary typed back. ‘I don’t like anal.’

‘Why don’t you leave a tip and I can make magic happen for you ;)’

Mary refilled her wine glass and took another drink, then added some money to Emily’s virtual tip jar. Emily pulled out a small bullet vibrator, and Mary moaned in frustration. ‘Can you use your rabbit?’ Mary sent, and added another larger tip to the jar. ‘I have the same one.’

Emily laughed when she saw the message, but put the bullet away. “Looks like I have a fan with a rabbit that wants to play along!” Emily said aloud. Mary’s face burned with embarrassment, but her pussy became wet with anticipation.

Emily pulled out her rabbit and again began by giving it a blowjob. Mary grabbed her own toy and began lovingly running her tongue over it, taking it into her mouth, mirroring Emily’s movements. Mary watched as the younger girl began to pinch and pull on her pierced nipples. In that moment Mary hated her own breasts, feeling that they were too big and saggy, wishing they were as small, firm and high as Emily’s. Mary was starting to become obsessed with the younger woman’s body, comparing it to her own and finding herself wanting. Mary became more forceful with the vibrator as she sucked it, making herself gag as she twisted her own nipples harder, punishing them for not being like Emily’s.

It was a relief when Emily mover her vibrator down to her pussy. Mary quickly followed suit, a line off drool falling off Mary’s toy and onto her breasts, making her shudder in disgust. Like the last time, Mary mirrored Emily’s movements, pushing her own vibrator deep, or pulling it out to run over her lips when the cam girl did, feeling the electric jolt the few times Emily focused on her clit.

When Emily returned her rabbit to her mouth, Mary shuddered but followed suit. Mary was glad of the shower she had taken earlier. The faint fishy taste on the vibrator was still there, if only in Mary’s mind, but she found it more tolerable this time. Mary did her best to imitate Emily, imagining that she was Emily, that she was you, fit, beautiful. Emily leaned back in her chair and spread her legs, fingering her pussy as she continued to suck on her vibrator. Mary moaned as she did the same.

Soon, but not quite soon enough for Mary’s liking, the rabbit left Emily’s mouth and returned to her crotch. Mary mimicked the initial teasing motions, then moaned as both she and Emily pushed their vibrators deep inside themselves. Mary squeezed her eyes shut, no longer watching Emily but instead imagining she was Emily as she raced towards orgasm.

Once again, as soon as the orgasm passed through her, Mary was nearly overwhelmed by shame and disgust. She quickly logged off and almost ran to the shower to wash the dirty feeling off.

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