Midday Release

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He locks the bathroom door behind him and a nervous feeling comes over him. He is at work and knows it’s wrong, but thoughts of the previous night and the all day conversation they’d been having is getting to him. He unbuckles his belt with shaky hands and begins to unbutton his pants when his semi-hard cock nearly jumps out. The nerves are gone and excitement has taken over as his cold hands grab onto to his warm swollen cock.

A vision of her kneeling before him runs through his mind. Droplets of pre-cum leak from the tip of his cock as she opens her mouth. Muffled moans of “mmmm” are heard as she takes him into her mouth, tasting him. She feels his cock getting harder and harder as she slowly moves her warm, moist lips and tongue around his sensitive head and shaft. Her small, soft fingers run down his cock followed by her wet mouth, taking in every inch of him. His breathing becomes staggered, eyes squeeze shut, toes clenching in his work boots. Releasing him with an audible “pop” from her mouth she continues to stroke his cock as she isveçbahis flicks her tongue around his balls sending jolts of electricity through his body.

He can barely take it anymore as he grabs her by her hair, pulls her up, and throws her against the wall. She has done exactly what she intended to do: teasing him to the point where he becomes something more animalistic, more primal. He rips her soaked panties off and runs his calloused fingers down her hips, over her soft thighs, slowly teasing his way to her shaved pussy. He can feel the heat radiating off her as he slowly twirls and teases her clit. He wants so badly to taste her. He takes two fingers and opens her lips, sliding one finger into feel her hot, wet pussy. And, with a slight grin, he shoves her face first against the wall and slowly pushes his throbbing cock inside her.

“Ahhhh!” they both moan as they feel each other. Slowly he slides in and out of her pussy as the her soft ass bounces against his hips.

“Faster,” she moans, “harder!”

The sounds of their bodies isveçbahis giriş colliding echo in the bathroom as they become one, and begin to fuck each other hungrily.

“Don’t stop baby, harder!” she yells as her knees lock up and her muscles tighten. He begins to rub her swollen clit.

“Right there, uh, right there!”

He drives his cock into her more forcefully with each thrust. She’s close and he knows it. He grabs her by her hair and pulls her head back toward him, exposing her neck. She lets out a loud moan as he bites the back of her neck. The warm feel of his mouth and strength of his jaw send her over the edge. As her legs start to quiver, he can feel her pussy tighten up and her pussy juice run down his hard cock and over his balls. She turns towards him and kisses him deeply for what seems like forever. She slowly drops to her knees, taking his cock into her hands and begins to lick and taste herself on him.

“Mmm,” she moans as she engulfs his cock.

He takes his cock from her mouth, and, already soaking isveçbahis yeni giriş wet from her spit, he begins to jerk off.

Looking up at him, she urges him on. “I wanna taste you baby, I want you to cum for me.”

He starts off slow and then faster, pumping his hand over his cock. Faster and faster as it hardens still.

“Please, I want it,” she says, begging for his load.

His cock begins to fill up and it now feels bigger than it ever has. He can feel it pulse along with his rapid heartbeat. He is going to explode… He grabs the back of her head which forces her mouth open. Slowing his stroking to a mere tease as the cum begins to drip out of his cock. Bigger drops hit her tongue and run out of her mouth onto her perky tits. More comes as the sight of her licking and swallowing his cum turns him on like nothing else.

As he finishes, she takes his cock once again into her mouth and cleans every inch of him. Slowly tasting and savoring everything. His whole body is tight and tense. He has never cum that hard before. When he opens his eyes and takes a breath, he realizes that it was all a dream. He has just jerked off at the thought of being with her. If she does that to him when she isn’t there, what will it be like when she is…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32