Natasha Gets It

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Fiction. A dad’s daughter’s hot friend.


Being a History college professor has its perks: the tenure, the money, the admiration, etc.

I’d been working at Carter Community College for 9 years before I befriended another professor: Aaron Pierce.

This guy was smooth, charismatic, smart, and fun. He taught History like me. He had blonde hair and brown eyes. Kind of reminded me of a hippie or a surfer dude. Anyways, when he and I hung out on the weekends sometimes, he’d ramble on about his hot students.

I didn’t mind this. What’s the harm with staring?

I’d mention some hot students of mine as well.

I was 5 yrs. older than Aaron, so I sort of viewed him as like a son. I’d always wanted a son. I just had a daughter. She was ok. Dana was brunette like her mother. Got decent grades. Very nerdy. Only had 3 boyfriends by the time she was 21. (which was perfectly fine with me).

I was a young boy once, so I knew how they could get sometimes.

Aaron and I were so close that we even met each others’ families. I had introduced him to my pediatrician wife Laura and my daughter Dana during a cookout at my place. Aaron introduced me to his wife Jeanette. She was a bookstore owner and really sweet.

So when one night out drinking with Aaron, and he confessed to me that he slept with a student…well, I laughed. He glared at me.

“What? You think I don’t have the skills?” he asked.

“I-I…but your wife,” I reminded him weakly. Felt a stab of sorrow for her. “She’s married to you.”

I was astounded my good friend would ever do this to his loyal and amazing wife.

Aaron lowered his voice and leaned into me closer. “I’ve been cheating for YEARS and still, she doesn’t suspect a thing.”

I sighed. Stared down at my Budweiser.

This was a problem. Why did I have to be at the middle of it?! I’d never cheated on my wife ever. I took the whole marriage thing very seriously. Aaron kept his gaze fixed on me.

“You’ve never slept with a student?” he inquired.

“Of course not. I’m not exactly a stud,” I said.

“I’ve overheard what some of the students say about you. That you’re really funny and cool. I bet you could seduce a hot chick,” he replied.

There was a long pause.

I was stumped. Kind of drunk too.

The next words came out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

“Well, there is this one student…” I started.

I nervously glanced around the room, then finished talking.

“A friend of my daughter’s actually, her name’s Natasha.” I smiled. “I swear she could be a Victoria’s Secret model.”

I took a long sip of my drink.

Aaron almost spat out his drink.

“What? You ok?” I asked.

“I um…know Natasha too. She’s taking a class of mine right now,” he admitted.

“Blonde hair? Huge boobs?” I remembered.

Aaron’s canlı bahis şirketaleri eyes lit up. “Yeah, that’s her. Such a babe. I’m gonna’ you know…try to get her into my pants.” He grinned proudly.

I didn’t smile. Damn. Suddenly, I wished I was younger. I’d fantasized about Natasha since she was 19. Secretly, of course. Ever since I accidentally walked in on her, with her hand down her pajama pants lying on the livingroom couch, during a sleepover. “Natasha!” I’d scolded. She sat up quickly and blushed.

“Have some decorum, please,” I’d blurted out sternly. She avoided my eyes and rushed out of the room. After, I regretted what I’d said.


But now, damn. My good friend was going to steal her away. It wasn’t fair. I’d known her longer. I’d picked her and Dana up from volleyball practice during their high school years. It just wasn’t fair.

What could I do?

I had to prevent this from happening.


The next Monday, I went about my day like a zombie, with a major hangover. Some of my students slightly teased me about my obvious lack of enthusiasm or half-hearted witty jokes.

“Well, I’m getting old. It can even happen to you!” I improvised cleverly. A few girls rolled their eyes. A few smiled pity smiles.

Ok, so maybe I wasn’t VERY funny, but my favorite students appreciated the kind of humor I had. I always tried to make my classes fun, since History could be well, kind of boring and depressing. Wars and violence and stuff.

“Today, instead of class discussion of last week’s assignment, we’re going to watch a documentary about ancient Rome,” I stated.

I heard some students cheer or let out breaths of relief. “But take notes, please and thank you and you’re awesome,” I quickly added.

(I like to compliment my classes occasionally, so they don’t just view me as just a huge stern middle-aged man).

The first class ended up not being that bad or that disruptive. I didn’t have to remind Drew or Ian to get off of their phones. During the video, I thought about Natasha. Then horny Aaron. I cursed softly as I continued grading some essays. Overall, my first class mostly was uneventful. A few students fell asleep towards the end of the movie. I rushed out at one point to get an aspirin out of my car(I’d forgotten a bag of mine in my car earlier).

As I ventured down the hall, back to my class, I overheard people talking.

“…so, just so you know, I’ll always be there for extra tutoring,” the guy was saying.

Poking my head around the corner, I saw Aaron talking to Natasha, one on one. I clenched my fists at my sides. That no good rotten horny bastard!

Natasha, like always, looked so stunning. She wore a pink sweater and a black skirt. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony-tail.

Now’s canlı kaçak iddaa my chance. It was now or never.

I made my move.

Thinking quickly, I went down the hall towards them. “Oh, Natasha Philips!” I exclaimed loudly as I finally stopped walking. I turned and gave her a friendly smile.

She looked over at me and smiled back.

Aaron looked a bit confused. Speechless suddenly. “Mr. Howard, hey!” she greeted sweetly.

I just stared at her, awkwardly for a while. Cleared my throat. “How’re you? How’re your classes going?” I wanted to know.

“Oh, they’re going great,” she answered.

Twirled her hair around her finger. I felt myself getting harder. Interesting. I glanced over at Aaron. He stared at me, shocked.

I glanced back at Natasha. “You look kind of sad. Is everything ok?” I noticed.

“I’m doing terrible in my History class,” she replied softly. “It’s too advanced for me, or something.” “Don’t worry, you can always switch classes. You know, like a different professor…” I hesitated. A light seemed to switch on in her brain. She wasn’t the brightest young woman, but she was always so fun and so nice.

“Wait, you teach History too, right?” she asked.

I smiled. Taking my bait. It felt so wonderful!

Out of the corner of my eye, I realized now Aaron was glaring at me.

“Can I join your class, please? I’ve heard such good things about you,” Natasha shared.

“Meet me in my office…after fourth period,”

I instructed. She smiled a big smile.

“Sure, wow thank you!” she exclaimed.

That was only the beginning.


Over the next few weeks, I watched Natasha grow from a shy soft-spoken student to bit morw confident one. She ended up joining my third period class of the day. I tried to tell more humorous jokes to this class and be nicer than usual. However, I still had my serious side.

Aaron hadn’t spoke to me in a while, after what I did. I guess it was a little selfish of me, but she was hot!


Then came the day I made my move. “Can I see you in my office after class?” I asked her, as she was grabbing her books at the end of the hour. She looked a bit confused, but then nodded and smiled slightly.

“Sure, for you anything,” she blurted out then let out a small anxious laugh. Almost like she felt embarrased at her last words. Her cheeks got a bit pink. I smiled.

Soon she sat across from me. I had closed my door then sat down.

“Natasha,” I said. “Mr. Pierce was planning to sleep with you.”

I waited for her reaction. Did I do the right thing? She got riled up all of a sudden.

“How awful!” she said. “Wait, how’d you know?” Her face changed.

“I’m friends with him,” I admitted sadly.

“He’s a very horny man. Who canlı kaçak bahis preys on young smoking hot girls like you,” I added boldly.

She tilted her head to the side.

“You think I’m hot?” she questioned.

“Yes, and actually I have a confession…I have fantasized about you. Ever since…” I paused then chuckled.

Natasha blushed. She suddenly seemed a bit shy. “I have a confession too. When you caught me masturbating that one time, I was actually fantasizing about you. Sex with you,” she said.

I grinned proudly. I guess I had more game than I had initially thought.

I kept staring into her eyes for a while.

She stared silently back into mine.

There was a knock at my door. I jumped a bit.

I put a finger over my lips.

Natasha, not saying a word, went over to me.

Unzipped my pants.

I sighed once I felt her plump full lips caress my cock. Closed my eyes. Leaned back. She went slowly, twirling her tongue over my tip numerous times. Then she took more of me into her mouth. That hottie must have watched porn or something, because she fit it all inside without much hesitation. I opened my eyes and stared at her.

After a few minutes of this, her sucking me off while she rubbed herself back and forth, she stopped abruptly. “You’re my favorite teacher by the way,” she said in her sexy voice.

She was still kneeling on the floor.

“I bet you’re in there, buddy!” came a male voice from outside. I instantly recognized it as belonging to my friend and co-worker, Aaron.

“Can’t believe you just ditched your own class! Your next class is here and we are still waiting for you!” he informed me.

I chuckled softly. Motioned for Natasha to get on top of me. She did and took her shirt completely off.

“Some kids are starting to leave or complain!”

Aaron added. “This isn’t cool!” He started knocking again a few times. Natasha and I glanced at each other then started kissing.

She smiled a bit while we were kissing.

Soon we were both naked.

Natasha was bouncing expertly on my big dick. Her huge boobs kept rubbing up against my chest. I absolutely loved it! She let out a few moans into my ear and I shivered each time. This was so hot.

Nothing crossed my mind for the next 15 or so minutes except for her and my cock.

Aaron had given up knocking on my door, luckily. He was really starting to annoy me.

Afterwards, Natasha and I quickly got dressed. No words or “I love you”. That was alright with me. Once she got dressed, she smiled over at me.

“Thank you. Wow, I really needed that,” she said. “Me too,” I replied.

“See you tomorrow!”

After she walked out, I just sat there. My wife popped into my mind for a while. A sting of guilt crept into my heart, but I pushed it away. I started to gather my things in my bag.

Accidentally dropped one of my pens on the floor.

Thought I saw something red on the ground.

I picked it up and examined it.

A red lacy thong. I chuckled and shoved it inside my bag, towards the very bottom.

Must have been Natasha’s. Oh well.

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