New Neighbour Susan Continued

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An Annex to The New Neighbour

This contains fetish subject matter and may not appeal to all.

Please read The New Neighbour Susan for background.

Susan was lying on top of me on the couch, naked after we had enjoyed some oral sex. We began to discuss things we had seen on each other’s profiles. She brought up the fetish material she had seen on mine.

“Ah yes, well about the fetish, I hope that doesn’t bother you, kind of weird I know, I can delete it.”

She leaned down and whispered in my ear “don’t you fucking dare, it’s kinky but kind of makes me horny too and I need to go.”

As my cock pulsed against her she grinned “I’m full and really, really need to go.”

Feeling my cock twitch she pushed her pussy down on me, opening her legs and allowing my cock to grow between them. I could feel her wet lips on my cock; from arousal or was she leaking?

I stood up; taking her by the hand I led her upstairs to the bathroom and turned to leave.

She called out “well do you want to watch or not?”

“Are you sure?”

“Not really, but well it’s making me horny and wet and I want to see what it’s like to piss with someone watching.”

“Ok then, just do what you normally do but sit back a little further and spread your legs more.”

Susan squatted and did as I’d asked. I had a lovely view between her legs, her partially open pussy glistened but nothing happened.

I asked if it would help if I went first. She nodded, so I stepped towards her and pointed my cock into the bowl.

She sheepishly asked if she could hold it while I pissed.

“Ok, roll back the foreskin and hold it just behind the head, not too tightly and point where you want it to go.”

She giggled and took hold of my half hard cock; I was ready and began to piss. At first she just pointed it down but then surprised me by pointing me at her now open pussy, as my hot piss hit her own piss hole she began to squirt out piss herself. A glorious stream cascaded from her.

“Oh fuck, that is so naughty and hot!” she exclaimed. “Quick bend down so I can piss all over your cock.”

I’d seen pictures of this but had never done it myself. As my cock head entered her stream it raised to a full erection. I was soon out of piss but Susan still had more.

Then bahis firmaları as her piss slowed to a dribble she slid forward, leaned back more and begged me to shove my cock in her horny hole.

It was awkward but oh the feeling of my cock slowly sliding into her tunnel was like sliding into warm butter, slippery, wet and so hot. She was snug and it felt like I was pushing her inner walls aside as I went further. At some point I stopped and simply enjoyed the feeling of my cock in her pussy.

She smirked at me and said “I know you can feel me all around you, it feels good to me too. I’ve never fucked on a toilet before, it’s a bit uncomfortable but I loved the piss play.”

Sliding out of her, I helped her stand and turn around facing the sink. She looked over her shoulder and smiled, spreading her legs and bending over. Her wet hairy pussy was presented open and ready.

I stood behind her running my cock along her quim. Teasing her lips and sliding over her clit before aligning myself and slowly entering into her slippery tunnel. Taking hold of her hips I found a steady rhythm, in and out, watching her lips flare around my cock on the out and then flatten as I pushed in. My cock was soon wet with her natural secretions making for a very stimulating visual.

She began to push back at me letting me know she wanted more. In response I increased the speed of my thrusts, long and hard then short quick bursts, trying to find which pleased her more. As our rhythm got faster her tits were swaying and her buttocks rippling as I bumped into her.

I took one hand from her hip and reached for a nipple, tweaking it, then the other.

Looking back at me she said “I’m going to cum, keep fucking just like that, pinch my tit and nipple.”

“I’m close too, almost there.”

Our pace quickened just a little driving us both to the edge, I felt it first and drove hard into her as I released my sperm. My hard thrust into her drove her over the edge too. Once we came down from our orgasm highs my cock slowly slipped out followed by our combined cum.

She took a cloth from the sink and wiped her pussy. “hmm the advantage of bathroom fucking,” she said.

She then asked “how did you know I like it from behind? But not in my ass?”

“First, kaçak iddaa I thought you would let me know if you didn’t like it that way and secondly I don’t do asses. My cock only belongs in a pussy down there.”

She hugged me and let me know she felt the same way.

We went back downstairs to talk about our new experience. Watching a woman pee was something I had always enjoyed and been interested in. Susan admitted she was wary at first but was now more than interested and hoped we would have more opportunities.

On another occasion as we snuggled naked on the couch, I asked about a fetish I had seen on her profile. And one I wasn’t sure I would be able to help her with. She liked to be spanked! I had always been taught it was wrong to hit a woman under any circumstances.

“Susan I’m not sure I could spank you, it’s so wrong to strike a woman.”

She looked at me seriously “I appreciate your hesitation and admire your take on v******e towards women. But in this instance it wouldn’t be striking, hitting or abusing. It would be done with affection to enhance my pleasure. I can assure you I’ve never been hit or abused. But even the thought of being spanked makes me horny.” With a wicked grin she added, “I like being tied up and ravaged, in a good way, too.”

I was blown away by this revelation. I was also determined to see how this would work out between us, just like she had done with my pee fetish. Hopefully with the same result!

“Putting that aside for the moment, what other naughty fantasies do you have?”

Susan replied “We both share the exhibitionist / voyeur and have certainly enjoyed that. I’m looking forward to the nude camping. Maybe a nude beach too, you know to be completely naked in a public place.”

She rolled on top of me, letting her nipples drag across my chest, her bush tickling my partially aroused cock. “I really am a naughty girl, thinking of letting all those people see my tits and pussy. Should I spread my legs like this?” She spread her legs either side of me, pushing her pussy down on my now erect cock.

I pulled Susan up a little until my cock was nestled between her legs and brushing against her wet pussy lips.

“I can feel how turned on you are, you feel so wet and slippery against my cock.”

“Ha, kaçak bahis and who has his hard cock pressed against my delicate pussy?” At which she adjusted herself and pushed down, “oh yes mmm” she mumbled as my cock barely entered.

“Fuck Susan, your pussy feels so damn good” as I hunched up into her.

We lay there, our bodies locked together, savouring the intimate moment.

Susan ground her pussy against me as she said “I’m such a naughty girl, my pussy is so wet thinking of all those cocks, tits and pussies, such a naughty girl I am. I need to be spanked, please spank me.”

The angle was awkward but I managed to turn and swat at her bum. Surprised it felt good I did it again, and again. At each swat she grunted and ground even more on my cock.

“Yes spank your naughty girl, she needs it. Fuck that’s good, oh I’m so horny, spank me, spank me! Make me cum, oh fuck please make me cum.”

Susan had a rhythm going now so I let her lay on me and ride my cock, spanking her gorgeous bottom, urging her on to orgasm. With that velvet glove of a pussy caressing my cock I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

Taking a chance I reached between us, found her clit and gave it a pinch. Susan exploded.

“Oh fuck you bastard! Oh fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!”

My cock driven by her crescendo erupted into her.

After she came down she slapped me and growled “that’s cheating you naughty man.”

Then she kissed me hard. “But you can do it again.”

As we cuddled I confessed I’d actually enjoyed spanking her and hoped I hadn’t overdone it. Susan reassured me it was perfect but now her bottom needed kissing better. I looked down and sure enough it was a little red.

I slipped from under her and with her lying on the couch began the pleasurable task of kissing her bum better. Such a delectable derriere it was too. I had her rise up a little so I could kiss her clit and make it feel better too.

Kissing led to licking and sucking not only her clit but her lips and entire cunt. Encouraged by the moans and pleasurable sounds from Susan I delved into her honey hole seeking the nectar of our combined juices. Several minutes later her body shuddered, followed by a contented sigh.

I joined Susan on the couch; our bodies entwined we drifted off to sleep. Sometime later we woke and stumbled upstairs to a warmer and much more comfortable bed.

This is a work of fiction and belongs to the author Naughtyandy4u.

Comments welcome and appreciated.

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