Prison Island Ch. 11

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He had hoped for some time alone with Mouse, but the redhead had come late from the hunt, so they had all been busy fixing dinner. Also, Karl was on him like a hawk, crowding his space, and holding him close. To anyone throwing jokes at them, the fucker just told them they were on their honeymoon. Francesco could do without that, and he was itching for taking Mouse aside, kissing him, and enjoying himself for a bit.

They were back at their improvised hut, and Karl was getting naked and ready for the night, when Mouse appeared.

“What do you want, slut?” Karl asked as he threw his jeans on the ground.

“I’m part of this little arrangement,” Mouse said with conviction. “So I’ll sleep here from now on.”

“No fucking way,” Karl said.

Francesco jumped between them. “Karl, don’t screw this up. You said you’d let us be.”

“Oh, yeah?” Karl loomed dangerously over him. “What’s in it for me?”

“I don’t know. Me not killing you in your sleep? How about that?” Francesco asked.

“You’ll have to do better than that, honey,” Karl cooed.

“All right. What the fuck do you want?”

“Suck my cock.”

Francesco snorted. “You wish.”

“Then no deal. Mouse, get the fuck out, or I’ll fuck you up.”

It was difficult to hold Karl from reaching Mouse, but Francesco stood his ground and pushed him back. “All right, I’ll suck you off. Just so you know, I know shit about it, and you won’t like it.”

“No,” Mouse intervened. “I’ll go. See you tomorrow, babe,” he told Francesco and gave him a searing hot kiss.

Karl pulled him towards him as soon as Mouse was out of their hut. “I don’t care if you’re no good. Just suck my cock, Cesco,” he whispered.

Francesco could tell the fucker was horny. He struggled against him. “Only if you want me to bite it off.”

Karl laughed. “You were about to stuff your mouth with my cock just earlier. What? You can’t do it unless you’ve got an audience?”

Francesco scoffed and lay on the makeshift bed, his arms behind his head. “What’s with you, Karl? What fucked you up like this?”

His body was tense, readying for an attack, but that never came. Instead, Karl lay next to him.

“Do you want to know about me?”

“Yeah, why not? Who’s your daddy?” Francesco asked.

Karl chuckled. “You’ve heard these assholes gossiping, right? I can’t tell you who my dad is. He’s important. For anyone asking, I’m on summer camp.”

“I thought we were here for a year or something.”

“Yeah, but the rest of the year, I’m usually off to… ah, you’re trying to get me. Sneaky.”

“Trying to get you? I just want to figure you out. Where did you fuck other guys?”

Karl hesitated, but Francesco could tell he was dying to talk.

“If you don’t canlı bahis want to tell me, I’ll just go to sleep.” He turned on one side and jolted when Karl grabbed him from behind and aligned their bodies together.

Karl kissed his shoulder. “I’m in sort of army.”

“Sort of?”

“Yeah. And we get to fuck bitches when we do our job.”

Francesco didn’t want to know what that job entailed.

“So, you fucked girls,” he said.

“No. Pussy makes you weak. That’s what our commander says.”

“And fucking an ass doesn’t? What kind of logic is that?”

“Fucking dudes makes you a man,” Karl said proudly.

Francesco groaned. “That’s so stupid I don’t even know where to start.”

“It’s true. Not one of us got weak after we fucked those well-lubed holes. We only got stronger. Like gladiators.”

“I think you mean Spartans, but whatever,” Francesco said with a sigh. “So, you gangfucked what? Prostitutes?”

“No. The weakest of us.”

“Shit,” Francesco let out. “For real? And what did those guys say?”

“They knew they had it coming. They should have been stronger if they didn’t want to take it up the ass.”

“Yeah, right. I bet they really wanted it,” Francesco said.

“I guess some did.”

“I was being ironic.”

“I know, Cesco. I’m not dumb.”

“So, what’s with you and all this talk about me, that you’re my husband and all that?” Francesco asked.

Karl remained silent for a while. Just when Francesco was starting to think that the fucker had fallen asleep, he started talking again. “I liked you at first sight.”

“Just my luck to sit across from you on the chopper, then.”

“No, that wasn’t when I saw you the first time.”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw all the guys that were getting shipped with me. My dad wanted to humiliate me. He told me that he’d ship me away with a bunch of homos as punishment. The fucker, he thought I’d be disgusted and shit.” Karl laughed. “I saw you all in pictures, and in your cells. My dick got hard at Ollie first, but then I saw that bull of a boyfriend he has. I wonder how Ollie still walks straight after getting screwed by that freight train every night.” There was another small pause. “Then I saw Mouse, and I thought that I wanted to punch him in the face so hard.”

Francesco smirked. “Nah, you’re lying. Your dick got even harder.”

“Shut up,” Karl protested, but it was obvious he wasn’t saying the truth. “I saw Ty and Anya, and I thought to myself that I got at least two bitches to fuck.”

“So, why aren’t you? They’re game, and they’re pretty.”

“Yeah, but then I saw you.” Karl exhaled. “You were lying face down on the bed. I could only see your ass.”

“I didn’t notice any cameras.”

“They’re bahis siteleri hidden, of course.”

“So, you fell in love with my ass at first sight?”

“You could say that.” Karl chuckled. “I wanted to see your face so badly. My dad said something like, ‘that’s the only guy that’s in here because he didn’t want to take it up the ass like the rest of the faggots, but he still has to pay his dues to society’. That was when I knew that I wanted you. So, that night, I snuck inside the camera room and watched you. The other guys were jerking off, probably bored with waiting. Not you. You looked so serious. You paced the room, all naked. I jerked off with the sight of your face and your ass. And I thought ‘this guy escaped a dicking, but he won’t escape my dicking’. Yeah, Cesco, that’s totally when I knew I wanted you. That night, I only dreamed of sneaking inside your cell as you were asleep with your ass up and butt fuck you by surprise. Yeah, I dreamed of popping your cherry in your bunk. Man, that could’ve been something.”

“You’re so incredibly fucked up. Why would you want a guy based on how he doesn’t want it up the ass?”

Karl held him close and caressed his chest. “You were the only guy untouched. The rest were used. Just like the guys I fucked with my unit. When I got to them, their holes were dripping with cum. But your hole is so tight.”

Francesco grunted when Karl pinched his nipples. He could tell the fucker was hard. His cock was rubbing against his ass. What would happen if Karl knew the truth?

“What if you weren’t the first to stick it in me?” he ventured to ask.

Karl stopped. “Then I’d be pretty mad, Cesco,” he said. “Do you have something to confess?”

“No,” he replied. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to rile up the mad dog. Leon had said something about him being the only one to keep the fucker in check. It was his ass on the line, but that was all. And his ass could take it.

“Just so you know, Cesco, what you did today, with Mouse, it made me pretty mad. I’m still thinking how I should punish you for it. ‘Cause, honey, you pissed on my feelings.”

After that, Karl didn’t insist. He wrapped his arm tightly against him, propped his cock against the small of Francesco’s back, and started snoring in a couple of minutes. The fucker changed like the frigging weather. He’d had to be extra careful around him, Francesco thought before drifting off to sleep.


When he woke up, Karl was on top of him and already working his way inside his hole.

“What the fuck, idiot?” he groaned as pain shot from his ass.

“I’m fucking horny.”

“Don’t go in it dry like an idiot.”

“This is punishment for fucking Mouse yesterday,” Karl whispered and pushed more although it bahis şirketleri was clear that Francesco’s ass couldn’t take it.

This time, he couldn’t just lie there and do nothing. Francesco made a fist and punched Karl in the face. The fucker growled in pain and Francesco kicked him away.

Karl reached him and dragged him to the ground. “Why do you have to like that slut?” he whispered in his ear.

“None of your fucking business. Get off me, or I’ll kick you in the balls!” Francesco shouted.

“Stop fighting. You know I’m going to fuck you either way.”

“No,” Francesco said resolutely. “Not like this, you fucker.”

It was one thing to put his ass up when Karl showed him at least the courtesy to use spit, and another to let him tear him.

Karl tried to keep him down. “You knew I’d be jealous, and you went with it,” he said through short grunts. “With that fucking cum dumpster!”

Francesco saw red in front of his eyes. “Stop calling him names, you fucking fucker! And you know what? You didn’t fuck me first, asshole! I got so many dicks! I got fucked before!” He managed to get another punch in, but that was all.

Karl growled like a wild animal and hit him once, hard. Then he began raining kicks, Francesco barely being able to dodge the ones threatening to land on his face.


“Hey, are you okay?” He heard someone asking.

Francesco groaned as he opened his eyes. He gingerly touched his bottom lip that was clearly swollen.

He was outside, and Ollie was by his side, washing his face gently.

“What happened?”

“That’s what we’d like to know. We heard shouts, first thing in the morning, and found you and Karl beating the crap out of each other.”

“You mean, him beating me.”

Ollie smiled and touched his lip with something cool and pleasant. “You gave him a black eye,” he whispered.

“Really?” Francesco grinned and winced immediately. “Wait, where is he?”

“Leon’s taking some disciplinary actions with him.”

“I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes,” Francesco admitted. “Did I pass out?”

“He hit you in the head, so we’re glad you’re okay. And I checked you everywhere. Good thing nothing’s broken.”

Francesco touched his side gingerly. He would have many bruises, nonetheless.

“Why did you fight?”

“He tried to get in dry,” Francesco replied. “I didn’t like it.”

Ollie frowned. “What a douchebag,” he said with a bitter grimace.

Francesco let himself tended by Ollie’s tender hands. He could hear shouts in the distance. “Are those Leon and Karl?”

“Yeah,” Ollie said. His eyes were clear when he looked at Francesco. “I know about it. Leon, too.”


“You’ll see,” Ollie said with a secretive smile. “Can you walk? Leon wants to know you’re okay.”

Francesco accepted the offered hand and stood. It wasn’t that bad. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as he expected. Ollie hooked his arm under his shoulders and helped him walk.


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