Special Delivery for Pleasure Ch. 02

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The Fantasy Continues

All characters in the story are fictional and over 18

Some readers of my first story have asked what happens next. I must admit when I wrote “Special Delivery for Pleasure” I really didn’t think about that. I just put a fantasy together to answer my curiosity about experimenting with another man. So to be completely honest with everyone, I still haven’t found the right guy to turn fantasy to real life, but the search goes on. Hopefully, by the time I’m finished with this next part I will be able to add some substance to fantasy.

The story continues.

As I sat in the parking lot trying to work up the courage to go through with this next step. I thought back over the past months about the events that have led me here.

Beginning with becoming a widower after 40 plus years of marriage. Going through the depression that set in after that. Getting my life back together, and semi-retiring from being a truck mechanic. To playing on the internet with porn sites, finding Literotica and discovering my fascination with gay sex. Chatting with other Bi-curious men, and being convinced to order my first dildo and butt plug. Which had those items delivered by Derrick, and the adventure that was the first story. What the hell was I doing?

I got the text message from Derrick two days ago, giving me the address and appointment time for the next step and getting my body hair taken care of. 6pm SHARP in caps, meaning I had better not be late, I assumed.

When the day finally came I was nervous the whole day. Torn between getting ready or just saying fuck it and let what happened last week be over. Getting back to my normal, straight life.

Who the fuck was I trying to lie to, I enjoyed it, there was no way I could ever go back. I didn’t think that all of a sudden, I had turned gay, but I knew my bi curiosity wasn’t ready to be sedated. I just didn’t want to put myself in a situation that I couldn’t get out of.

So, after going to the drug store and returning home to give myself an enema, then taking a long shower, I got dressed in the nicest casual wear I owned.

Leaving my house at 4 pm, I arrived at the shopping mall parking lot early. I sat in my truck and watched the storefront for over an hour. Nobody went in or out of it.

It was 5:56, it’s now time to move. I must admit the anticipation of what might happen had me excited, and a bit hard in the right spot.

I checked myself in the mirror, swirled a little mouthwash, got out of my pick-up and walked over to the door.

The sign on the door read, Serenity Therapeutic Massage & Day Spa. Hours of Operation, Monday thru Thursday 9am to 8pm Friday 9am to 3:30pm. Today was Friday, the spa was supposed to be closed. I saw the bell beside the door and pushed it. After a moment or two, a man came to the door, and looked at me through the glass front, giving me the old up and down visual inspection before opening up.

I noticed his appearance. He was dressed in slacks, shirt and a tie. Very neat but still a little casual. Close cut brown hair, clean-shaven, and I guessed his age was early to mid-30’s.

“Sorry we’re closed now” he replied pleasantly.

“I know, but I was told to be here at 6 today.” I answered.

“Just who told you to be here, and for what?” he asked.

As I was about to answer I paused and thought about how absurd my answer was going to be.

“Derrick, I’m sorry I don’t know his last name, but he told me be here at 6pm sharp. As for what, I’m embarrassed to say I was told I needed to… I paused at that point to think just how I was going to explain to a stranger that a man who had used me for his sexual release and pleasure didn’t like my hairy ass.

This handsome gentleman again stared at me, before asking, “What’s your name?”. Breaking my chain of thought, for the moment saving me from myself.

I thought about giving him a fake one, but then I thought back to Derrick not only having my address and phone number but also my name from the package delivery, knowing he had to tell someone before setting up the appointment.

“My name is Wayne, and I’m a bit ashamed about admitting this, but I met Derrick a week ago, and he told me I had to be here at 6pm. I really don’t want to disappoint him.” I answered.

His expression and tone changed from a business to a more friendly one, “Come in, please, I’ve been expecting you. Derrick told me you would be stopping by tonight and what he thought you needed. I wondered if you’d be on time or even if you’d show up at all. I can see your right on time. Being punctual was one just one of the things Derrick told you to do last week, I’ll bet. So for right now you haven’t disappointed anyone” Jonathan jokingly stated.

“Yeah, he texted SHARP in all caps” I responded.

He stepped aside and invited me in, as I walked past him, into the store, he locked the door behind me closing the curtain on it.

Turning, he took my hand and led me güvenilir bahis back past the waiting area to the spa itself.

“Let me give you a quick tour of my studio, explain a bit about it and what we are going to do tonight.” He stated in a calm voice.

I sensed he could tell how nervous I was about this.

“My name is Jonathan. This is my studio and spa. I have a staff of 10 fully trained and licensed massage and physical therapists. We do therapeutic massages for things like sports and work injuries. Also, we pamper customers as a day spa, and sauna. We do a little of everything here for both men and women.” he proudly stated.

Pausing, he again looked over at me and continued, “I keep my private life away from my staff. Which is why you were told to come today, 2 and a half hours after the spa closes. Normally, I’m here doing the paperwork for the week, but it also allows me the time I need for special projects like you. When he set this up and told me about you, I wondered what Derrick saw. He said you would be entertaining, but I don’t see it. Don’t get me wrong you’re somewhat cute for an older guy, but you need a lot of work.” With him still staring at me, running his eyes up and down again for the third or fourth time.

“I’m flattered, I guess?” I posed. As we rounded the corner, he showed me into a small room with a massage table, towels and a small locker.

“Undress, and place your clothes in the locker. Put on the robe and slippers I have laid out for you, and met me in the room at the end of the hall. Please, relax and enjoy yourself, this is going to be fun. I promise.” Jonathan reassured me as he left the room and closed the door.

As I stood there pondering what to do next. I looked around the room taking in the details. Thick carpet, padded wall coverings, scented candles, soft music.

Overall a relaxing atmosphere. This was a very elegant establishment.

I noticed a table with a couple of drawers on it. Sitting on top of the table were several oils, a box of rubber gloves, towels and wash cloths.

I decided to take his advice, relax, as best I could, and undress, still being a little unsure of what was to follow. I stripped and put on the robe and slippers, noticing I was becoming even more excited. Walking down the hall there were several open doors to rooms with slightly different wallpaper, but similar to the room where I started. He must be doing good to afford this much space, in this mall it had to be pricey.

Entering the room at the end of the hall I saw that it was a treatment room. It was like one big shower. Several shower heads, a couple of big tubs of water, three covered wash tables, a sauna and a couple of sport style jacuzzis.

Jonathan came in behind me closing the door. I noticed he had changed clothes also. He wasn’t naked but he was almost there. His chest was as smooth as Derrick’s was. No shirt and tie now, or even pants. He had a large towel around his waist. As he walked towards me, he took the towel off, exposing the bathing suit he had on.

” When he talked to me and set this up, Derrick told me a few things about you. I know you’re new to all this, and I know he was your first male partner, to be polite. I also know he really opened your eyes to a different way to have fun. The way he told you what to do, leading you to take the first step in exploring your sexuality, and new desires. So if you think you’re here to fulfill Derrick’s command to have your body hair taken off just for his pleasure, you are wrong.”

Pausing for a second, with me hanging on to his every word, he continued saying.

“Not completely. Sure Derrick loves playing the “master” role But let me tell you a secret. Derrick is not as tough as he acts. Don’t get me wrong, he is confident and knows what he wants from a sexual partner, but when you lowered your head and followed him into your house, he sensed you needed to be told what to do, and that it could be a fun time for both of you. He considers himself a “Top”, He doesn’t normally like to get fucked, but he will if you get him hot enough, especially if you eat his ass the right way. I hear you’re a great ass-eater.” looking straight at my mouth. I blushed a bit at that. Hearing him say fucked and ass-eater the way he did, stirred my cock.

“I can do both, be a top or a bottom. I like it both ways. It depends on my partner. With you, I’m going to play top, and you will, most assuredly, play bottom.”

Again pausing a moment for me to take in all that he was saying.

“So, we can go two ways from here.” he continued. “If you prefer, I will give you our basic sauna, bath and massage treatment, just no fun stuff, if you get my meaning. Because, in my professional opinion, you could really use a great massage. I can see how stressed you are by looking at you. Or. if you want to go all the way with what I have planned for tonight, all you have to do is ask, and we can start now. Which ever, the choice is yours.” Jonathan calmly said.

As türkçe bahis I thought about what he said, my mind went back to last week and the surprising effect Derrick had on me then. My cock began to respond to the memory of what a remarkable experience it was then, and I wondered if it could be repeated.

“Would you mind if we went forward with what you have planned, up to the actual hair removing part? I’m still not sure whether I can go that far yet. I know I want to try the fun stuff again., last week caught me completely off guard. Furthermore, I’ve never done that before, and I had no idea I would enjoy it so much.” I asked.

Jonathan paused and thought for a moment before answering, “Sure, I can do that, but know this. I will take you up to the point where I start to remove your body hair and give you the opportunity to back out, one last time. After that, there will be no stopping. Understood?”

“I understand, and thank you for doing this for me.” I said appreciating the fact he was being so accommodating.

“Oh, one more thing before we start. I’m the man who turned Derrick onto the whole no hair thing. So, I’m confident that I’ll turn you too, so to speak.” He stated, secure in his control of the situation.

“Take that robe off and go stand beside the bath table, and let me see what I have to work on tonight,” He said in a calmer tone.

I took my robe off and hung it up, with my hands going down to cover my cock and balls as I turned to walk towards the table. “No, move your hands. I need to see everything.”

Doing as I was instructed, I dropped my hands to my sides, feeling my dick started to get harder as I exposed myself to another man.

“My God when was the last time you trimmed yourself.” Jonathan exclaimed as he reached down, grabbing a handful of pubic hair and giving it a hard tug.

I winched as he pulled hard for a moment. Then he traced his hand down, and grabbed my balls. “Nice set of heavy nuts, plus a good dick is hidden in that messy bush.” More of a dictation to him, and not directed at me.

“Lay, face down on the table, spread your legs and let me get a look at your ass.” He instructed

In doing so, I soon felt his hands run up my leg, across my ass cheek, spreading my ass apart, lifting my balls, pulling my dick out from under me. Then moving his hands up my back, before moving in front of me and running his hands over my face and gray beard stubble.

As I looked up, his crotch was directly in front of me, only inches way from my face. His cock appeared to a big one, maybe bigger than Derricks. Then again I’ve only seen one cock before this one, and Jonathan’s was still tucked into his swimsuit.

Jonathan then placed his hands on my shoulders, and motioned for me to roll on my back. I did as instructed. He stepped forward, and I felt his bulge pressing against my forehead. My cock began to stir a bit more.

Jonathan began to repeat the same process of running his hands over my body. Lifting my arms, pulling a bit on my underarm hair, then over my chest and feeling my nipples. Moving down to my crotch, again grabbing and pulling hard on my pubic hair, finishing with my legs.

As he finished his inspection of me, he moved over to sit on another wash bench. I lifted my head towards him, to watch him spread his legs wide and gives me a great view of his crotch still covered by that damn bathing suit.

“The first thing I’m going to do is wash you from head to toe with an excellent soap and skin conditioner. Your head, your arms, your chest, your crotch, and your ass. This will be a very complete washing.

Next I’m going to shave your beard, you not uncomfortable going that far right?” he asked.

I nodded in the affirmative.

“After you’ve enjoyed the bath and shave, which I know you will. I am going to ask you if you still want to stop at that. If not, we will continue. I will then shave your underarms, then I’m going to move to that hairy crotch of yours, playing with you as I please all the time, while I take care of that mess you call a bush. After that, I will use a hair depilatory for the rest of your body, but I’ve got something special in mind for your hairy ass, I’ll save that little surprise for later. Then you will be just as smooth as Derrick and I are. Shall we begin”? Jonathan stated as a matter of fact.

I nodded again, and with that Jonathan got off the bench and started wetting me down with a shower head on a hose. The water was perfect, just the right temperature for me. After I was soaked down, he picked up a sponge and began to lather me up with a pleasant smelling soap.

To say that the bath Jonathan gave me was one of the most sensual moments of my life would be an understatement. He was soft with the sponge where he needed to be, and firm when he felt he had to. He started on my chest, as he washed across my nipples he put a bit more pressure on them and I notice I liked the feeling of having them roughed a bit. After several minutes of teasing güvenilir bahis siteleri me like that, he began to move down to my stomach, and then to my crotch. He soaped up my pubic hair and around my cock and balls, easily playing with both.

I must have moaned more than a few times during this because Jonathan began to mimic me back every time I did it. After he slipped down a bit to wash my taint, his finger passed over my asshole making me moan again. Before having me roll over onto my stomach.

Taking his time washing my hairy back. Spreading my ass cheeks, soaping up my crack and asshole. Rubbing his fingers against my asshole, just dipping the tip of one finger in to make me squirm a bit. Finally, down to my legs and feet. He treated every inch of my body with amazing care.

After rinsing me off, Jonathan had me roll over and lay on my back. Walking behind my head he reached down to the table, moving a lever he lowered the head rest down and let my head hang off the table, so I was looking back towards him. He began to apply shampoo and start washing my hair. His hands really started doing a number on my head and brain at the same time. I closed my eyes and just lay there enjoying the feeling of being treated this way. After rinsed the shampoo from my hair, I just laid there with my eyes closed. The next thing I felt was the shaving brush start to apply the foam to my face and beard.

I’ve had a shave before from barbers on and off all my adult life, but this one was by far the best I’d ever had.

It felt like he had just started, but now it was done, and I heard Jonathan say.

“Wayne, keep your eyes closed and just listen to me. At this point, if it were just a normal spa treatment I would dry you off and head back to the room for the massage part of it, and then you’d be gone. But watching your dick bounce as I was shaving you made me want to change up the program just a bit.”

I felt his hands reach down and touch my freshly shaven face, before moving down and rubbing my chest.

“If you want we can play just a bit, before moving on. I will give you one more chance to stop before I remove the rest of your body hair. If that is what you want, just nod. OK?” he asked almost like a whisper.

I slowly nodded in the affirmative.

He removed his hands from my chest, saying, “Good. Keep your eyes closed till I tell you different.”

A moment or two passed, and with my head still hanging down the way it was while he washed my hair and shaved me, it took all my concentration not to take a peek to see what he was doing.

“Open your eyes, now.” he said in a stronger tone.

I did as instructed and was rewarded with the sight of Jonathan’s clean-shaven big dick and hairless balls right in my face.

“Derrick said for a first timer you had one of the hottest mouths he had come across. I need to see if that is true.” he stated, grabbing his cock and lifting it up to expose his nuts. He stepped closer to me saying, “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Slut.” Adding that word started my lust for dick all over again. I did as I was instructed.

He lowered his balls onto my tongue, saying. ‘Be a good daddy and lick my balls. Get them nice and wet for me.”

I began swirling my tongue around each of the jewels hanging before me. Taking my tongue back in my mouth to get it wetter and wetter, and I gently played with each. Jonathan began to sigh and moan as I paid serious attention to each of his tasty nuts. Several minutes pass as I continued to pleasure his balls with my tongue, before Jonathan stepped even closer. Lifting his balls off my tongue, his taint and ass moved over my face to replace them.

“Derrick told me what a good ass-eater you are. Let’s just see if he was exaggerating.” He lowered his ass onto my mouth. I felt his big dick resting on my chin as I began to lick and tongue his smooth asshole. I reached my hands up and around his waist to hold on to as I continued my assault on his sweet ass.

More moans and hard breathing escaped from Jonathan’s mouth fueling my desire to please him. I felt his hips start to move as he said, “Oh yeah, he was right. You are an excellent ass-eating slut, aren’t you. You love the taste of my ass in your mouth as I ride your face, don’t you, Daddy-Slut.”

All I could do was just moan my response into his ass. I felt him move and grind his ass harder on my mouth for the next several minutes, before pulling from me.

He looked down at my spit covered mouth and face, smiling. He reached down and grabbed my nipple, pinching it hard causing me to open my mouth wide to groan in pain and to my surprise pleasure. In doing that I felt the massive head of his cock enter my mouth.

“Now I’ve to try that slut throat Derrick bragged about.” He demanded.

I panicked at that remark and turned my head away letting his cock slip out, saying, “I don’t know if I can do that, you’re bigger than Derrick. His is the only cock I’ve ever sucked.”

“Don’t worry daddy-slut, sure I’m thicker and longer than Derrick, but I’ll make sure you can take it easily before I use that hot mouth the way it was intended to be used.” All the while still playing with my nipples. Every pinch making me hotter.

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