Surprise Interruptions Ch. 02

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The great thing about living in a high rise concrete apartment building is that it is virtually soundproof and there are no neighbors in sight of my windows which are ten stories off the ground. This allows me to be very casual in what I decide to wear or not wear around the apartment when no one is around. Today would be a classic example. After finding the the DVD of me fucking Jen’s ass, I knew just what I was going to do.

I headed to the bedroom, kicked off my shorts, boxers and t-shirt and threw them on the chair. I popped the DVD into the machine and then got comfortable on the bed.

The scene opened up as I held the tip of my cock up close to the camera as Jen knelt by my side. She had reached over with her hand and began rubbing my ball sac. Fuck yes I love the feel of a hand or tongue running all over my balls. The sight of this first move made my cock hard. My hand had begun to wrap around the shaft as I watched myself take Jen by the hair and force that big swollen dick past her parted lips. I began to slowly jack off as I watched those deep green eyes look up at me as I fucked her pretty little mouth on the screen.

“Do you know what I have planned for you to do today Jen?” I asked. She could only hum a “mmmmh mmmmh” with her mouth full of my throbbing cock. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her onto my cock, listening to the occasional small gag as I fed it into her throat until finally her lips kissed the base of my dick as her eyes teared a little from taking the full length, I held her there exclaiming, “I think today, after you completely empty my balls we are going to film just how you take all this cock up your tight little ass…just as you now have it all in your fucking hot mouth.” With that my cock began to slide back out of her mouth as she gasped for a deep breath, holding my cock in her hand now and licking up the back side.
My hand was moving faster up and down my cock as I was enjoying beating off and watching her on the DVD. My thumb rubbed the slick precum onto the head and shaft as I worked my hand up and down the entire length.

Jen looked right into the camera and smiled and purred in a raspy voice, “I’ll suck your dick good baby and swallow every drop as long as you make sure you save enough to shoot it up my fucking ass.” I grinned as I stroked my cock knowing full well that after I shot my load into her mouth, there would be plenty of time when I prepped her ass to be properly fucked.

I watched her and in no time, Jen had me ready to come. She held her head back for the camera and stuck out her tongue like a good little slut being filmed for the purpose of a erotik film izle cum shot. I slapped the head of my cock against her extended tongue as I jack hammered my cock until I felt my balls tighten and the surge begin. Just as the first spurt erupted from the tip of my cock, I arched my back and let the thick jet of cum land on her face and let go a guttural moan that had been held in since the primal days of man. Soon every pump of my cock delivered another creamy spurt as I fed it again and again to her open mouth and tongue. Finally I pushed my spent cock through the cum trails on her tongue as she sucked me clean until she finally opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and played to the camera showing anyone watching watch a good cum slut she had been.

I had to release the grip on my cock because watching this scene alone had me on my way to an orgasm…but I wanted to hold it until I was watching the scene I had been waiting on….my hard cock taking her ass over and over.

The wait was worth it even if it did cause my balls to ache for release. I had been watching how I had opened Jen’s tiny back hole and the expression on her face when I grabbed her hips and drove the entire length deep into her ass. Now I was holding on and ramming her harder and harder. The sound of my balls slapping against her body now matched the sound of the slapping motion my hand was making as I was intently lost in jacking off my cock while watching the action on the screen.

Then there it was, a female gasp from someone standing in the open doorway of my bedroom. I didn’t hear her come in. Lisa had her own key and came and went as she pleased because she was my roommate’s girlfriend. I caught the first glimpse her frozen there. All she could do at that moment was look from the screen to my well extended cock and back again.

“Fuck Lisa, I’m sorry,” I stammered as I rose up on my knees forgetting that I was naked and forgetting my dick was hard and straight out in front of me! “No,” she muttered as she finally locked her gaze in my direction but was looking at my cock as she talked rather than my eyes. “It’s…it’s me who should be sorry,” she continued. “I let myself in to pick up a few of my things I had left in Tom’s room and as I started walking down the hall, I heard noises that sounded like you were fucking Jen in here. I thought I could sneak by and get into his room. But then the door was open and I saw you and Jen on the screen. I froze and couldn’t move. I tried not to watch but damn that is hot! Tom won’t do anal sex so seeing it there on the screen….well..ummm…like I said it’s hot.”

“I don’t know what to say film izle Lisa,” I mumbled. “I never thought I would get caught masturbating by anyone up here.”

By this time Lisa had moved more into my room and a little closer to the bed. Being Tom’s girlfriend, she had never had any real reason to be inside before this somewhat awkward moment.

“I really hate that I interrupted you….watching that was hot too! I don’t know how Jen took that thick long cock up her ass like she is doing there.” During this, the movie was still going. After that comment, we both looked back and the screen and if my hardon had subsided, the thought of someone I was not sexually familiar with in the same room watching me fuck another person made my dick harden and swell even more. I took a gamble and moved behind Lisa and whispered in her ear, “So you like our little movie?” Before she answered, I moved closer hugging into the back of her body and moving my arms around so that my hands could move across her still-clothed tits. Confused by the action on screen and by the sudden advance on her body, she merely moved her head back on my shoulder and moaned a long slow yesssssss that only comes from the tension of desire.

I moved her long brown hair off her neck and placed wet little kisses on it as my hands kneaded her breast as she released a nervous moan. “But what about Tom?” she quipped as I pressed my cock against her ass. I replied by letting her know I would never want to interfere with her and Tom but if she wished to continue watching and even experience what it’s like to have a cock fuck her ass, then I would be her silent partner in that venture. She didn’t say a word…just continued to watch and grind her ass back against my raging cock.

Lisa was nothing like Jen in any way. Although they were about the same height, Jen had more of an athletic build where Lisa had more curves in the right places. She was dark with long hair and beautifully expressive eyes. I knew she wanted to continue as those eyes gave her away. I quickly moved from behind her and said we didn’t need to be embarrassed about the situation and if she wanted to leave, she should do so but if she wanted to continue, I suggested she remove her clothes and place them on the chair. I moved to the edge of the bed, placed my hand around my cock and began to once again pump it as I monitored her for any signs of a response.

Lisa watched me intently as she bit her lip and made her move. She let her dress fall to the floor and stood there in her bra and panties as if she was still unsure of her decision. Another long, low moan from Jen on the screen brought her to seks filmi izle the point of no return…she let her panties slide down her thighs and then removed her large heaving breasts from the captive bra. She was exquisite standing there naked. She had a nice trimmed tuft of hair just above her smooth pussy. I extended my hand and she moved over to where I sat on the bed.

I reached out and put my hands on her waist pulling her to the edge of the bed as she stood straddling my legs. I leaned in and sucked on her nipples, taking slow turns with each one, taking time to savor the erect nipple between my teeth and marking them as mine for now… with a soft bite. I slowly kissed up her neck as she bends and offers her open lips to mine. It was in this kiss that she was ready to surrender, to enjoy and experience something new. She slowly removed her tongue from my mouth and looked into my eyes with eyes that knew she was about to whisper something naughty to me….”I want you in my ass…I want to know what it feels like.”

I pulled her up on the bed and we once again were locked in a deep passion-filled kiss. I rolled over on my back and now brazenly said, “You know, you interrupted me jacking off and you came in right when I was ready to get off. I am thinking the least you could to would be to finish jacking me off. I wouldn’t last two seconds in your ass in the state I am in.” She grinned through eyes that were now burning with lust and nothing that was said from then on would be denied or unattainable. She was now mine to have. Tonight was her night for new pleasures….it began the moment she wrapped her hand around my pulsing dick and picked up where I left off. I laid back and just enjoyed watching her give me a hand job all the while taking in everything that was going on on the screen as well.

Suddenly my balls were boiling, all I could get out is, “here it comes,” as the first pent up jet of cum shot up and first hit my neck, then my chest as Lisa rocked her hand up and down my spewing cock as the cum pooled and painted my chest and stomach. She licked the tip of my cock as it sprang up as a reaction to her tongue on the sensitive head. She then ran her tongue through the cream on my body until she lay on top and straddled me as she plunged her cum covered tongue into my mouth.

She propped up on her elbow and rubbed her hand through the remaining trail on my stomach, moving her sticky hand over my cock and balls. She grinned mischievously and whispered, “I think it’s time we take you in the shower and clean you all up.” I smacked her sexy ass as she rolled off the bed and responded to her. “Let’s go have some fun in the shower.” Little did she realize just how thoroughly she was going to be cleaned in preparation for her new sex adventure…..but she was on her way to experiencing it all….sparked by a new heat and willingness to do so.

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