Taken Without Permission

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“Bend over slut,” commanded Cole. Hannah couldn’t believe she was getting called a slut by her boyfriend’s stupid, skinny friend. Even moreso, she couldn’t believe that she’d let herself get bullied into a threeway by Dakota. She was in love with him and willing to do just about anything for him; something he took advantage of heavily. Hannah did as she was told, as Cole rubbed his long, thin shaved cock along her pussy. Dakota had just fucked her on her back while Cole rubbed his head and balls on the inside of her mouth. Now it was Dakota’s turn for a blowjob while she begrudgingly let Cole inside of her.

Dakota walked around and tapped her on the nose with his cock, while Cole continued lubing himself up with her wet pussy. Hannah looked up and began to yell “What?” but was stopped by Dakota grabbing her dark hair and pushing her to his dick. She tried to talk through his thick cock, making unintelligible sounds, but she gave up and began to suck him off when he tilted his head up and laughed.

As both guys cupped both of her large breasts and fondled her tits, Hannah began to get into a motion and almost started to enjoy herself. She never really liked sucking on Dakota as he never shaved his pubes and would often pull her hair and make her gag, but Cole’s cock felt good when it rubbed up against her clit. She closed her eyes and tried to forget the fact that Dakota had a handful of her hair and was letting his dopey friend fuck her, and Cole inserted his member. She moaned despite herself, and both guys smiled. As Cole slowly slid in and out, she looked up to Dakota. Past his tanned and slender frame, she saw his head leaned back, cheeks flushed with pink, and his skater mop-top hair tossed back. She suddenly remembered how hot she always thought he was, and why she loved him even through stunts like this one. And as annoying as he could be, she had to admit that Cole was cute too, plus it was nice feeling a smooth and shaven dick between her legs. And she’d never had two at once before, the feeling of pleasing two guys at once was satisfying. He was erotik film izle right, this was a great idea. She continued to increase her tempo, and tried to work towards an orgasm.

She was nearly there, lost in her own world of sucking and fucking, until Cole suddenly withdrew. Her motion was thrown off slightly, but Hannah continued to work on Dakota’s cock with her mouth and waited for him to reinsert himself. Instead, Cole asked “What do you think, should I fuck her in her asshole?” Hannah’s eyes widened, and she looked up again to Dakota as she tried to draw away from him. He grabbed both sides of her hair and made sure she couldn’t get her mouth away. “Go ahead,” said Dakota, “fuck that ass. What little ass she has.” Both boys laughed, as Cole started to lube himself up with her pussy again. Ignoring the insult, she began to try to tell him to stop, making urgent sounds, trying to form words around Dakota’s thick shaft. “Sounds like she wants it,” laughed Dakota, who forced Hannah to stop with her sounds by pulling her hair and forcing his dick down her throat. She gagged and continued trying to withdraw. The only time that she’d ever tried anal was with Dakota, and it ended with her crying.

Cole spread open Hannah’s ass with his fingers, and pressed his head against her asshole. Any feeling close to orgasm was drained from her body as she recalled the painful memory of her last anal attempt while Dakota continued to gag her. The pressure against her hole continued to build and build, until Cole suddenly had his tip inside her. She winced at the feeling, and again tried to look up at Dakota to see if he would tell him to stop. Instead, he pulled her hair even further, to the point that her nose was now touching his pubes.

She couldn’t believe what she had gotten into. She began to tear up as Cole slowly poked in more of his long cock, and Dakota had begun to thrust his hips into her face. Eventually, Cole got half of his dick into her, and began to pull out slowly. She felt a brief flash of hope, but it was completely dashed as he moved forward film izle again, his cock resuming its previous place. He grabbed her sides and repeated this motion numerous times, getting deeper and faster each time. Dakota went along with this movement, holding her head in place he thrust in and out. Eventually, they began fucking her ass and fucking her face in tandom, both moaning loudly as mascara laced tears streamed down her face.

Her asshole felt stretched out, and her muscles were already sore. She thought she could feel Cole’s lengthy cock in her stomach and felt sick. This wasn’t even mentioning the extreme gag reflex that Dakota’s throat fucking was close to triggering, and the fact that she could barely even breath through his dick. And above all else, she felt violated. She could take the hair pulling and the unshaven pubes, but this was her limit. She could barely feel her legs and her arms could hardly support her upper body, the only reason she didn’t collapse was because Dakota held her head in place.

Suddenly, Cole let forth a loud moan and slammed his cock all the way to the base of her ass. His balls slapped against her thighs, and she let forth a powerful scream, muffled by Dakota’s thickness. She felt his hairless pelvis against her ass and his dick deep inside her, and a warmth eminating from it. He was cumming inside her. On top of essentially taking her anal virginity, he had the guts to cum inside of her. When his moans subsided, he pulled out and Hannah collapsed to her knees. She felt his cum drip out of her ass slowly, and heard him say “Holy shit, I think I came for like 10 seconds straight dude. I haven’t jerked off for like a week.”

“Oh, I know, same here” replied Dakota. He let go of her hair and let her catch a breath finally. He stood up, started stroking his erection, and said “Come on, clean up Cole.” Cole stepped forward, cock still pulsing, and guided his dick into her mouth. She was too tired and sore to say or do anything other than remain on her knees and do as she was told. She licked the cum from his shaft and seks filmi izle cleaned his balls with her tongue while he tapped his dick on her face. She spit out the cum she had collected from his scrotum and let it slide down her chin, until he rubbed his cock on it and then thrust it into her mouth.

“You swallow that fucking cum when you suck my dick, bitch” he said as he held her hair while she gulped down the cum that he replaced into her mouth. She hated the texture and taste of cum, but she just wanted the experience to be over as quick as possible. “Damn, she’s pretty good Dakota.” Instead of replying, he stepped forward still stroking his cock. Cole took a step back and began to slide on his boxers.

Hannah still felt horrible, but had a brief surge of confidence. She was almost done, and she told herself that she was going to end the relationship. All he had to do was cum. “Open your damn mouth,” Dakota said. He wasn’t gonna let her get out of it easily. Too weak to fight back she closed her eyes and open her mouth wide, holding her tongue out. He lowered his balls into her mouth and continued jacking off. She couldn’t stand the feeling of his hairy skin against her tongue, but promised herself she would stay put, and let him finish. After what felt like an hour, he finally took his balls away from her mouth and laid his head on the tip of her tongue.

After several more strokes, he finally climaxed as he shot three long streams of cum onto her face, each running from the tip of her tongue to the top of her forehead and into her hair and passing into her throat and between her eyes. The next several spurts landed on her tongue and in her mouth, and then he laid his cock on her forehead and coated the top of her face. When he finally stopped, she closed her mouth and begrudgingly swallowed the cum. “Dude, you fucking covered that bitch!” laughed Cole, now fully dressed.

Hannah collapsed on her ass, feeling both relieved at the end of her torment and defeated because of this final humiliation. Tears began to fall, as cum dripped down into her eyes and out of her asshole. “Let this whore clean herself up,” declared Dakota, now dressed as he threw her panties onto her. As the boys walked upstairs, Hannah began to mop the cum and tears off her face and plan her breakup.

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